Earlier this summer,

as the ferns were pushing up their lovely fiddleheads

I was smitten.


AnExtraordinaryDay Fiddlehead Fern Chestnut Ridge County Park Orchard Park, New York


When the trees filled out, I discovered that my yard was enveloped in shade.   Mostly.  Cool, peaceful shade.  As I came to realize that flowers were not to be major players in my gardens, my eye was continually drawn to ferns.  Especially the giant Ostrich Ferns.

When you walk a woodland path, do you find a swath of ferns cool and restful?  Is there something about them that rejuvenates your spirit?   Don’t you wish that you could have that feeling every day?


Here are some things I discovered about green.

And why we are refreshed from admiring the flora.


Did you know that green…

  • is the most popular decorating color?
  • symbolizes nature?
  • is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision?
  • calms and refreshes and balances our emotions?
  • is a healing color?
  • does our heart good?  Evidently it brings physical equilibrium?
  • relaxes our muscles and helps us breathe deeper and slower?

No wonder green is a popular color in home decor.


According to Debbie Zimmer, color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, dining rooms and kitchens are the “natural” spots for in vogue greens, but it is can be used in family rooms and bedrooms, too.  The 2012 paint palette draws heavily upon the natural colors in the American landscape.  Greens, ranging from celery and asparagus to fir and fern, allow us to bring the comforting feelings of nature into our homes.


Do you have greens in your home decor?


There are numerous ways to bring a bit of green and nature into our homes.


For those who are “Do It Yourselfers”

ferns can be pressed between heavy books for a few weeks

and then mounted behind glass, or embellished with paint and more

and then hung on the wall in a graphic arrangement like this…

Ferns | textural beauties - Country Home

Country Home 



For those who are gathers and collectors,

a lovely vignette can be made of nests and live ferns

and other beauties from the woodland floor.

Consider using a lantern instead of a cloche for added interest.

Country Living | ferns, plants and nature's items collected

Country Living



For those who enjoy handmade items,

a Longaberger Basket woven of hardwood maple and stained a rich green

is a perfect embellishment to any room.

Liners may be purchased  to enhance the basket’s use or for textural interest with nature’s prints.

Fern Valley Collection by Longaberger | http://www.longaberger.com/lifestyle

Longaberger Lifestyle

Does your home need a restful refreshing?

It’s as easy as gathering some ferns from the woods, purchasing a potted fern or a lovely handmade basket with ferns embossed on the lid or beautiful fern pillow, or stacking a few books bound in green.

Are you inspired to add ferns or a bit of green to your decor?

Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!



  1. Diane,

    You are right! I need to add more green to my decor! Just the other day someone said that they liked the ivy in one of my pictures (which means you are right)!


    PS I don’t know if I’ve told you this before….but your blog is so pretty!

    • Diane says

      Who knew a little green could do so much!
      Oh Karianne, you just made my day!! Everything you put your hand to is gorgeous…and that makes me feel even more blessed by your kind words.
      Keep being Extraordinary!!

  2. I have to agree – that is what struck me first – your blog is just beautiful! I found you through Celebrating Everyday Life.com – Nice to know you! Come by and see me at breidawithab.com

    • Diane says

      Welcome Breida! I’m so glad you like it here. We all want some pretty in our lives…and my hope is that here, you and others will get that along with something that makes you smile. And thank YOU for bringing a smile to my face.

  3. Sue Williams says

    I was immediately drawn to your picture of a fern unfolding. It’s so captivatingly beautiful. Since my dog would eat any fern I would bring into the house, I have to find other ways to appreciate both of them. I walk the dog in nearby parks, where as the Hymn writer says it best: “thru forest glades I wander” and see the ferns growing under the huge trees which shelter them from the blazing hot sun! The ferns seem to be thriving around here, even in the drought. As for green in the decor. Last year I painted my sunniest room two shades of green. I like to think of home as a sanctuary, whatever the color on the walls. However, green is undoubtedly a restful and cool shade, and so I think it added a lot to our enjoyment of that particularly warm and sunny room. I really like your blog and photos. It encourages me, God is good.

    • Diane says

      Thank you for your kind words, Sue.
      One of my favorite things is to wander the forest glades. It’s nourishing to my spirit.
      Green is a perfect room color and yours sounds lovely.
      God is good…all. the. time.
      Hope your day is Extraordinary!

  4. Emily says

    I have heard that the color green relaxes and soothes, even calming the nervous system and heart rate! I’ve always been drawn to blues or lime green, but I’d love to add some live green plants around the house!

    • Diane says

      Hi Emily!
      I love the blue and lime green combo – so refreshing! Yes, adding some green plants, especially in your part of the country would be beneficial on many levels.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Karen says

    Hello, love the shade of green on the wall, what color is it? Thanks

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