Last spring I picked up a part time sewing gig.  A friend of a friend has a small Etsy shop and wholesale business and she needed someone to help with some of the sewing and stuffing of pillows.  I was happy to help out and the extra money comes in handy too.


Coming to grips with my age and how to see better (not look better) | Disclosure for this OttLite Review on

Our little workshop is on the second floor over a little retail business. It’s fun listening to the hustle and bustle down on the street and in the shop as I work.   It’s a fairly bright space with two super tall windows and a couple of skylights which makes it quite pleasant.

We positioned my sewing machine right in front of one of the tall windows.  Being on the second floor, I get to see blue skies and pretty clouds, along with the second-floor facades of the storefronts. With all that light and the light on the sewing machine, you’d think that I would be all set.  But, I wasn’t.


Coming to grips with my age and my vision -


Once in a while, a batch of pillow inserts will come in that are extra fluffy, so when I close the seam at the bottom of the pillow with the sewing machine, if I’m not careful, those puffy inserts can push me “off track” and give me a not-so-straight hem. Being a perfectionist, I usually get out the seam ripper and pull out the threads and re-sew the pillow’s edge.  Because all the pillow faces are white along the edges sometimes it’s difficult to see the white stitches.


When my eyes get old and tired I need a good light -


Lately, I’ve been coming face-to-face with the fact that as our eyes age we need more light to see well.  And as one who tends to live in denial of growing older, I’ve always been one to dismiss my age.

In fact, we have some grade school neighbors who often ask me how old I am.  Why do kids always want to know that?  I’m guessing because they get asked that question all the time.  Regardless… between you and me… they will never know. 😉

I always keep my age to myself.  In fact, it always amazes me when people share their age.  I don’t get it. Why do they do that? Does it give them bragging rights? Or is the real issue that I have some deep-seated problem with admitting my age? I never minded growing “up.” I just wanted to live a long life without the growing “old” part.

Actually, I have little to complain about.

Yesterday I complimented an acquaintance on her new glasses.  She told me her granddaughter doesn’t like them, though they are a fun two-toned spectator style that is very popular right now.  Then immediately she said to me.  You are the lucky one not having to wear glasses.

That is true.  Most of the time.

Except when I’m working on my laptop for an extended time or trying to sew… then I get out my “readers.”  My “readers” are actually prescription glasses without any correction other than having minimal magnification for one eye and a wee more help for the other eye.

I’m blessed with good health and can do just about anything I want to do.  However, I will admit, I feel much better about myself if I don’t look in the mirror.  That can be scary.  I’m always wondering where that older woman came from… especially after a shower.  Gravity seems to be playing games with my body lately… and I don’t appreciate her humor one bit.  She’s sick.  Very sick.


OttLitte - LED Desk Space Organizer Lamp for to help me see better (not look better) - review at


Marcea from the OttLite® company contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their LED Desk Space Organizer Lamp (affiliate link).  Usually, I don’t do reviews, but I heard that OttLites produce a great light, and there’s that little thing with my aging eyes, so I said, “Yes.”


Putting a little OttLite on the subject -


I brought the light to the workshop where I stuff pillows and sew.  The lamp is not designed to be used the way I use it.  I positioned it behind the sewing machine with the “gooseneck” hanging over the top of the machine so that it casts its light over the machine and a little farther in front.  It’s a small light so the area it brightens isn’t large, but the quality of light is amazing.  I can actually see to rip out the errant stitches. Yay!  That’s huge for me.

This desktop model does have two handy receptacles in its base where I usually keep a few extra spools of thread.  On a normal desk, you might expect to see it filled with pencils or markers.


Coming to grips with my age and how to see better (not look better)

See the difference from the previous dark shot without the OttLite? Isn’t this shot lots brighter?


If I were able to choose a different style of OttLite lamp, designed more specifically to meet my needs for sewing and crafting, I would be in creative heaven.

Everything I’ve ever heard about the quality of the light from an OttLite lamp is true.  The area of light cast by this lamp is pretty small but on its top setting (it has 4), it’s very bright. My eyes are so grateful for the help of this little desk lamp.  Hopefully, someday in the near future, I’ll be able to afford a larger OttLite lamp.

Now only if the OttLite could change my wrinkling sagging body. Yeah.  Probably not.  In fact, I think I better keep it away from the mirror.  All that good light will probably just show more wrinkles I really don’t want to see.


Fifty and Fab | Coming to Grips with My Age and how to SEE better (not LOOK better) at


Today I’m joining up with some of my friends in the fifty-something crowd who undoubtedly have issues like me. Their posts are linked below.  Some of them have a much better body image than me, like my friend Jemma who has been modeling cute new outfits every week on her blog.  I admire her confidence. Especially since you probably won’t be seeing any selfies from moi. 😉

I’d love to hear how you deal with your body’s changes as the calendar years spin by.

What tips to you have to share, or encouragement can you give, besides sticking your head in the sand and pretending you’re still 32, like I do.

Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Patti says

    Great story Diane. I find that light makes all the difference. I can often get by without readers if the light is good. My husband will even bring out his iphone and turn on the flashlight in a dark restaurant much to our daughter’s chagrin. 😉
    Thanks for the tip on the light. I’ll have to look into it for my sewing machine.

    • Thanks, Patti! 🙂 I never thought of adding light from my phone to see my menu in a restaurant. Great idea! 🙂

  2. We have the same sewing machine, Diane. For me, it’s threading the darn needle. I have a pair of reading glasses in every room of the house, my purse, and the car. It’s one of my biggest frustrations in life constantly putting on and taking off my glasses. Refuse to do bifocals just yet. I recently bought a gooseneck lamp for my sewing machine and it sure helps…not so much for threading that darn needle. The pillows you sew look lovely!

  3. Kim says

    Gravity is not nice after a shower, Diane, I can relate!! You made me laugh. Before I step into the shower, dressed, hair done, I am my young perky self. However, once out of the shower, wet and dress only in gravity, all I see is my mom’s body…when she was about my age…oh boy, not good! 😉

  4. We won’t even talk about looking in mirrors but that light. Now that is a good find. I can kind of deal with gravity but it is really hard when you can’t see so well and the light seems like it is just the thing to help out.

    • Maybe that’s why our eyesight dims… so we don’t see our imperfections quite so vividly. LOL

  5. Wanda says

    Oh, plucking out those stitches is the worst! I always end up with the seam ripper under a thread of the fabric rather than the actual thread. Ugh. I’ve always seen the Ott Lights, but had no idea they were that good.

  6. Haha…let me know if any light company can take care of sagging wrinkling bodies! Too funny! Little by little we embrace that aging and imperfections. So excited to see such joy in these posts! I am working on that too!

  7. Oh I feel you, I feel you bad! I had lasik done about 12 years ago but that doesn’t stop your eyes from changing or aging. I managed to avoid needing readers until I was about 45 but the last few years my eyes have gone lopsided. Very near sighted in one eye and kind of far sighted in the other. Light is my friend and my prescription readers my constant companion. I have regular glasses I should be wearing but they are a pain and I no longer like the style. Yes, a little vain at times. Let’s not talk about the need for the powerful magnification mirrors, and what those reveal.

  8. I also have a OttLite and love it! I remember having “readers” in practically every room of the house! I’m a contact lens wearer and when it came time for bifocals I got a pair and could never get used to them. The answer for me was mono vision contact lenses which means one contact is for near and one is for far. Sounds crazy but it works!

  9. Diane I enjoyed your post. Happy you took the sewing gig. Our eyes do tend to get weaker and I don;t imagine the computer helps us much. I like the tip of the flashlight though on a key chain. So glad you joined the hop!

    • Thanks for putting the hop together and your wonderfully encouraging words.
      A keychain flashlight is a fabulous idea, Debbie!! Now why did I ever throw that one away?!!!!

  10. Gwen says

    This was fun. I relate to light needs. I’ve not seen in years but I don’t think I could see well. I used to see better up close with no correction but now neither does the job!!! That light is pretty reasonable on Amazon and got best quality rating. I can see why by your photos. I went to the purge one. A few years ago –wow! –more like six I got started looking for silver and crystal trays and white bud vases. For my daughters shower and wedding decor. Then my older daughter and I would go for fun. A couple other friends and I were going on the condition we’d donate before going in. I haven’t gone in a few years to the nearby Goodwill so I feel it’s time to analyze my hutch. Keep heirlooms not GW junk!!! When I saw that lady’s depression era green I realized company doesn’t drop in for a treat. I don’t bake. I get mixed up. My visions of circles of friends gathering has to adjust. My fall decor hasn’t even gotten into my box this year. And yes I’m getting old but I started using L’Oréal Revitalift ten years ago. I massage my face later and gross dead skin rolls off ( over the sink!!!) but I use it twice a day sparingly. I was given Savannah Bee Royal jelly body butter which helps my hands and arms. But I use it around my face too mouth area. Crows feet area carefully not to get in eyes. My youngest daughter I had in my 30’s remarked how few wrinkles I have. But I’m kind of puffed up so I figure it’s filled out my wrinkles!!! My severe illnesses of a near decade took nearly ten years from me. So now I use a bit of makeup and I’m amazed how less sickly I appear!! Your daily walks must make you feel wonderful!!! Never take that for granted. It puts a glow on your face!!! I do long for those freedom days but not too much or I miss what God has for me by being so still. Now my hubby is five years younger but His now Snow White head of hair he gladly wears and he never ever worries about wrinkles!!!!

    • Our guys don’t ever worry about wrinkles. And they are handsome with their beautiful hair and manly character lines. 😉 You are beautiful… outside and in, Gwen! 🙂
      My previous neighbor actually gave me some of her heirlooms because her kids didn’t want them when she decided to purge.

  11. Though you still haven’t stated your age I know now that you are over fifty and I’m surprised. I would’ve never guessed it from your picture. I get what you’re saying about the surprise that comes from looking in the mirror though. Thank God we have health and strength to keep on working. I think it’s also good that our hubby’s eyes get weaker as we age so they can’t see everything we can see! LOL!
    Blessings friend,

    • You are so sweet, Patti! You know we’re the same age?

      Haha!!! Yup… it’s good our husbands need glasses. 😉
      Growing older is challenging when we feel much younger than the reflection in the mirror.


  12. Diane, the body may be going but I feel that the spirit has just had a rebirth. This is a new phase of our lives and now that we have been unburdened from societies shackles we can really enjoy our lives and do what we want.

    • I really love your perspective Mary! Thanks for that word of encouragement. {{hugs}}

  13. Hi Diane, still making my way through all the blog hop posts. Yes I can certainly relate to what you are talking about with aging. The eyesight is diminishing, as you say. I can definitely tell it when I am trying to read small print on pill bottles or maps. The magnifying glass has to come out. And I hate the wrinkles around the lips, but there’s very little I can do about it, so might as well accept it. I don’t mind telling people my age b/c it doesn’t change it, but to each his own. I love that light! I’ve never seen one or heard of it, but it looks like something handy!

    • You’ve made it farther through the hop than me. So much good reading and inspiration. This has been an amazing blog hop! Thanks so much Florence for popping by and sharing your thoughts. Sounds like you have a great attitude and outlook.
      All the best for an extraordinary week!

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