Want to bring the beach and summer to your tiny corner of the world? You really can enjoy coastal decor in small spaces. All you need is a spot to evoke the memory of wind on your face and waves splashing on the beach.     It could be the corner of your desk, a spot on your bookcase, or the top of your piano as I've shown here. There are just a few necessary ingredients. A container.  Beach or play sand. A sea shell or tiny piece of driftwood.     This is a vintage turquoise glass bowl that has been sitting in my cupboard, for years, waiting.  Waiting to show off. … [Read more...]

I couldn't wait any longer. It was time to get out my can of spray paint and indulge in a little coastal decor DIY makeover!     This summer I really started missing the Great Lakes. I'm a 'Mitten State' girl who grew up a bicycle ride away from Lake Michigan.  And more recently we lived 20 minutes away from Lake Erie and 40 minutes from Lake Ontario.  Spending time at the beach in the summer is one of those things that renews my spirit. Since I wasn't going to be making the trip to the beach, I decided to bring the beach home.  It may not be the same.  But, I have had a ton of fun … [Read more...]

One of my favorite things to decorate in my home is a vintage window. It hangs like a piece of art on my wall. The beauty of a vintage window is that it's a wonderful blank canvas for giving your room some seasonal decor. Its shabbiness provides a textural contrast in more traditional or contemporary decor. It's fun to be creative with ideas in just a small space. It can change with the season or your whim. It's great for whimsical paper-crafting projects that just don't 'work' elsewhere. Last November my friend gifted me with a lovely window.  It's perfectly imperfect.  And hung sideways it … [Read more...]