I couldn't wait any longer. It was time to get out my can of spray paint and indulge in a little coastal decor DIY makeover!     This summer I really started missing the Great Lakes. I'm a 'Mitten State' girl who grew up a bicycle ride away from Lake Michigan.  And more recently we lived 20 minutes away from Lake Erie and 40 minutes from Lake Ontario.  Spending time at the beach in the summer is one of those things that renews my spirit. Since I wasn't going to be making the trip to the beach, I decided to bring the beach home.  It may not be the same.  But, I have had a ton of fun … [Read more...]

  Can you believe this....     was this?     Found clam turned glam with gold!     Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design has had a weekly post where she challenges her readers to {DITTO} something in home decor or fashion.  Last month, she invited a select group of bloggers to her first bloggers' {DITTO} challenge.  A few of my favorite bloggers like Edie and Melissa were in the group.  For June, Darlene opened the invitation to anyone who wanted to participate in each month's design challenge.  You, too are invited to take the challenge and link up your … [Read more...]

  I've had my ear to the ground and it seems that people are saying Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday.   There are no gifts involved, no fireworks - though I'm sure it's pretty deserving.  It's a holiday reserved for gathering and gratitude.  Really...that makes it pretty special.  Unless you're spending it alone. Most years I'm too busy to do more than think about what my Thanksgiving table will look like, let alone plan what will be eaten from the plates on the table.  But, not this year.  I have had time to do a little tablescaping....and exercise that thankful heart muscle while doing … [Read more...]

A sweet dear friend inherited a mahogany sideboard, china cabinet, and table several years ago which really weren't her style.  After I moved out-of-state, she asked me if I would like the furniture, saying that the pieces would look great in my "new" house.   After a 4-hour trip her heirlooms easily made themselves at home in my house. The sideboard fits perfectly in the dining area of my great room and the table opens out so I can seat 14.  Perfect for all my entertaining.  Happy me!     This furniture, though good quality, was not in perfect condition.  And the sideboard, in all its … [Read more...]

Copy Cat Challenge ~ with a twist! When DebbieDoos announced the challenge and added..."With a Twist"...she had me!!!!   Generally I'm not one who gets into copying something or someone.  I like to take the essence and do my own thing.   When I read the challenge, I immediately had something in mind. Back in May, Kristi of Addicted 2 Decorating did a series of posts about transforming her community patio into a restful and colorful place to relax.  She did a great job.  One of the things she did was to create her own Outdoor Rug with Painted Stripes.  I'd been thinking that my porch needed a facelift. … [Read more...]