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When I first decided on this series and came up with the topics for each day I was especially excited about today’s topic: Be…Hospitable.

This is a topic that sings in my heart.  Yet, I have struggled each week to share something meaningful with you.  It would be so helpful if you and I could sit down together….actually it would be even better if a whole group of us were able to sit around my table and talk.  I’d want to hear your story.  To find out what makes your heart sing.  Who you really want to be.  What you want to stop doing because you’re caught up in too much doing.  Yes…I’d like that very much.  But, since that isn’t the case…I will just hope that you’ll find a tiny nugget of value here.  My fingers are crossed.


Day 14 :: Be Hospitable...Yummy Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Last time we talked about hospitality I mentioned that we often confuse hospitality and entertaining.  The thing that’s so interesting about this is that until I was in the midst of writing that post….I did the very same thing.  It was truly an ah ha! moment for me.  (You too?)

All that led me to thinking about hospitality in a new way.   What could I suggest that you offer someone in the name of hospitality which would be easy, inexpensive, and helpful.  If you read the title of the post you know what’s coming.  Offer a cup of water.   Okay…a glass of water, a bottle of water, maybe even the garden hose.

I’m aware that we can offer mineral water…please don’t.  After a hot four-hour bus trip, with windows wide open, from Moscow to Vladmiar, our very thirsty group sat down to a table with only bottles of mineral water.  It did not refresh.  (True, it did replenish and tap water might have put us in bed or worse.)  It wasn’t until dessert when we had beautifully cut and sugared fresh oranges that my thirst was tempered.   All that to say…let’s not get lost in the forms of water given…sparkling, flavored, spring, tap, or purified.  To do that is to step back into the entertaining mode.  Instead…let’s meet the need.

The offer of water says I care I about your physical needs.

If we’re dry, hot, or thirsty, nothing refreshes like a cool drink of water.  It’s true refreshment.

We can offer this hospitality in our homes.  Or we can go out in the world to offer a cup of water. It could be a tangible cup of water, or possibly it could be a word or action that will refresh another’s spirit.

(If you’d like to give a cup of water to someone who truly needs clear clean drinking water…consider this.)

Day 14 Challenge: If all you have to offer someone is a cup of water, do you feel like you need to offer more?   Who needs refreshment that you can give?  Will the refreshment come in the form of a ‘real’ cup of water, or in something else?  What will it be?  Do you have a story to share where you received a cup of water?  Please share it here or on Facebook.


Day 14 of #31Days :: Be Hospitable :: Yummy Stuffed Peppers :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


This post has been all about the hospitality of water, so far.

Sometimes we need to offer something more than water.

Something to feed the body.  Something to feed the soul.

A number of days ago, our friends offered something more than water.  They saw our need and met it.

After packing our household into storage, and driving endlessly, we arrived at our dear friends’ home close to midnight.  We settled the cats and went to bed.  The next day we slept in a bit and then unpacked and orientated ourselves.  That evening we were served this wonderful homemade meal of Stuffed Bell Peppers.  The peppers and tomatoes were just picked from my friend’s garden.  She made the sauce with her fresh tomatoes and filled those just-picked peppers with the yummy meat, rice, and tomato mix.  It was delicious.  Even more, it nourished two very weary people.  Two who needed something beyond water.  And the hospitality of our friends went way beyond entertaining.

We, who prefer to be on the giving side, have been placed on the receiving side.  Humbled.  Honored.  Blessed.  And most of all grateful for the goodness of the Lord demonstrated through the lives of willing servant friends.


Day 14 of #31Days :: Be Hospitable :: Yummy Stuffed Peppers :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


And for this…I knew you would like to make some Stuffed Bell Peppers.

Be… Hospitable!


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  1. Babette says

    I truly love how you spoke about giving a cup of water, because sometimes that may be all we have. Especially in these days and times, when many struggle just to put food on the table. Hospitality is something very precious. One day I saw some homeless people standing in a parking lot with a sign. I told my husband I wanted to give them something, so we went to the store a bought a little fruit and some cookies for them. I know it wasn’t much but they were very grateful, and it felt good inside to share with others. Jesus says when you give a cup of cool water to even the least of these you are giving to me. (Jesus) So whatever kindness ( a cup of water) a plate of food or whatever it can be, is sharing the love of Jesus with others. God bless you, and may He continue to bless and guide you in all that you do.

    • Diane says

      Thank you Babette…
      What a blessing your fruit and cookies were to the people in need. I’m thinking that you gave them exactly what they had hopes for….and then some. I didn’t share the scripture in the post…but yes…I was thinking of that too. It’s these little things that HE cares most about, isn’t it?

  2. What a beautiful, thought provoking post, Diane. Thanks for sharing your wisdom at this week’s Project Inspire{d}.


    Big hugs,
    Mary Beth

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet, Mary Beth. 🙂 Thank you so much!!!
      Hugs & Blessings!!

  3. Oh these peppers look amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Jan says

    I found your website through a linky party at Cozy Little House (Tweak It Tuesday) and I added your site to my favorites. The photo of those incredible delicious looking stuffed peppers reeled me right in, let me tell you. I really appreciate what you are doing with your 31 Days series and I think a lot of other readers are too, even if they do not comment. Ordinarily I do not comment even if I like something or think it’s exceptional. It takes a lot to get me to do this, so I hope you will take that as the compliment it is meant to be and that you deserve. I’m going to try the recipe, too. I love stuffed peppers but the recipes I’ve tried thus far haven’t met – maybe I shouldn’t even write this but I will — my favorite stuffed green peppers are Stouffer’s, LOL! Looking for something to give me a similar taste but a better meat texture. Stouffer’s has, unfortunately, turned their meat stuffing into pretty much mush in their efforts to increase their profit margins. Sigh.

    • Diane says

      Jan…I can tell you how encouraging your thoughts are to me. Thank you. Discouragement seeped in for awhile tonight. Thank you for pushing it away.
      Now…I must tell you that prior to eating the stuffed peppers I had been working like a crazy lady to pack my house up for storage. I was exhausted and spent in every way. So…they may have tasted a bit more amazing to me. Then again…my friend really likes her recipe. So…please tell me what you think when you make them. She made fresh sauce with ripe tomatoes and I do know that alone really does make the taste buds dance. Sorry about Stouffer’s. Anymore…we need to make all our food…the ingredient list is pretty scary. And even then the whole truth isn’t told. :-/
      Thanks for getting our our your comfort zone to leave a comment, Jan. You are Extraordinary!!!!!! 🙂

      • Jan says

        Oh I hope you won’t get discouraged. Well, I know it does happen every now and then, but us extraordinary femmes have a way of bouncing back, don’t we. We’re nothing if not resiliant 🙂 What you’re blogging about is important — I see it as reminding me, and everyone else who takes the time to read what you’re writing, that the best things in life one cannot put a price tag on. If we all spent more time being kinder and open to each other as human beings, the world would be a far better place than it is right now. But I cannot worry about why my neighbors are doing, although I do anyway. I can’t control that, but I can control how I act and how I respond. We need less rage and ideology and politics and nastiness of all sorts and more, much more, of those things you are writing about. I hope you will keep it up, and keep doing just as you have.

        • Diane says

          You just made my day, Jan! Thank you for you thoughtful and encouraging words!! [hugs]

  5. Mel says

    We never really know how many lives we’re touching, or the simplest of things that do the touching. You just keep doing what you do, sharing what you share with the abundance of love you share it with.
    It’s kinda like those stuffed peppers and that drink of water–sometimes we don’t get to know how huge that is to the other person, sometimes (thank you Jan for affirming that) you get graced to know “matters to this one”.
    It’s why I have a starfish hanging in the study and sitting in the livingroom….an ever constant reminder that I ‘bother’ for a reason.
    That being said–No, I never feel like a cool drink of water is enough and Yes, I tend to want to do more. But I don’t want that to be my excuse to not offer the water, yaknow? And admittedly, sometimes I let that ‘inability to do more’ justify doing nothing. You’ve reminded me once again of that starfish story.
    Thank you for that.

    • Diane says

      Mel…this is where most of us live: “sometimes I let that ‘inability to do more’ justify doing nothing.” We (ME) can make excuses for we ought to do. Thank you for your words of affirmation…what a blessing you are…to me and those in your world. 🙂 [hugs]

  6. sue says

    That looks yummy!

    • Diane says

      Oh it was!!!!
      Thanks for popping by Sue!!
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  7. love stuffed peppers! one of my son’s favorites too! 🙂 Beautiful post 🙂

    • Diane says

      You are always so sweet Debra!
      Thank you and [hugs]

  8. Sandi says

    Yum! Your stuffed peppers look delicious, Diane. I think it’s important to be hospitable although it is not easy for some people. Having been a pastor’s wife, I have opened my home many times over the years. It gave me joy to do that and still does. My hubby is a wonderful people person and so folks have always felt welcome. Now, just so you know, I wasn’t always like this. It took me a while to come out of my shell because I grew up in a home where my parents did not entertain very much. God gets all the credit for enabling me to do this. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week. Great post!


    • Diane says

      Isn’t it amazing, Sandi, how God can take a willing heart and craft our hands to serve in the most extraordinary ways? Yay God! And Yay YOU!!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughtful and encouraging words. 🙂 I so appreciate you.

  9. Susan says

    It takes so little to be kind and hospitable, yet the rewards are far reaching. Thank you for this thoughtful post.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Diane says

      Your words are like a sweet hug…
      Thank you Susan!

  10. Abby says

    Very good post and great reminder! I think I’ll be putting stuffed peppers on the menu this week, your pictures made my mouth water!

  11. Becca says

    My mouth just watered looking at these. Might have to cancel my dinner plans to try them out! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday’s Five Features tomorrow and link up this post (and others)! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com

    • Diane says

      Haha!! Cancel dinner plans?! That says a lot!! [wink] Hope you enjoy your stuffed peppers!!!!

  12. Really great lessons to us all! Hospitality is so important. This recipe looks amazing. Thanks for linking to TTF!

    • Diane says

      The peppers were delicious!!
      Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!!

  13. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Stuffed peppers are comfort food for sure! And I love hearing your thoughts on hospitality too!

    • Diane says

      Oh yes…they sure are comfort food. 😉
      Thanks for your kind words, Sharon.

  14. Marti says

    Those look amazing! I’m so glad you linked up at Sewlicious Home Decor!

    Have a great week!


  15. These look so delicious!! pinning!

  16. These looks amazing!
    I would love if you would come link up with me and enter my giveaway, it ends Wednesday!

  17. I liked this post on hospitality. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Sherry! I really appreciate your affirmation. 🙂

  18. Kathy says

    This is sentimental to me – Mom used to make these all the time! love it! So delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Diane says

      How wonderful and what a delicious memory to savor, Kathy. 🙂

  19. I never know what to do with Peppers. These look awesome. 🙂

    Featuring at Family Fun Friday. 🙂

    • Diane says

      These are a hit!!

      And thanks for the feature! I actually was over and discovered it, before checking comments here. Thank you so very much!!

  20. These stuffed peppers look amazing. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

    • Diane says

      And they were so delicious!!
      Thanks Danielle! 🙂


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