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We face all types of obstacles in life.  But, this I know is true:

…nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.  Romans 8:38 NLT

There are so many things running through my mind these days.

So many things I want to do.  Yet, when life gets turned upside down it takes time to sort it out.  [sigh]  I have tutorials and posts underway which I’d like to complete and post for you.  I want to create vignettes and show you a few things before I get it all packed up for wherever God moves us.  I really do.  But, if I don’t…if I write posts like this one or this one…for a little while….will you still please hang around?  In my mind I have so many creative ideas….I’m just struggling with doing….anything.  So…if you’re a praying person…I need and appreciate your prayers.   My faith is strong and hasn’t wavered.  I’m taking each day at a time and I anticipate that I will soon be back in stride.  After I dust myself off.



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P.P.S.  Isn’t this door gorgeous?  I discovered it on a recent walk and couldn’t resist snapping the photo and sharing it with you.

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  1. Gail says

    I call your current status “starting block” syndrome, like the trained runner ready to start the new race, adrenaline pumped, just awaiting the gun shot to blast.. You can’t be fully in the present because you see the race before you.
    Best wishes in the 2013 adventures awaiting you.

    • Diane says

      I’m not a runner. I’m a walker. 😀 That analogy would never have come to me. [teehee] Thank you for it, Gail. 😀 I do hope that I hear the “shot to blast” and run and not get faint. {hugs}

  2. Mel says

    Well…..of course we’re not going anywhere!
    I’m not anyway.
    I’m kinda like that. I land, I read, I stick around and read some more–I comment…..and then….you’re stuck with me.

    No worries, Diane. Leastwise not about that bit–and not about the other bit either. Pray and keep rowing. You’re doing well, truly. It’s a scary moment–keeping your hands opened to receive is awesome.

    *sending out lots of prayers*
    I’ll keep praying until something happens!

    • Diane says

      You are a good and dear friend. 😀 {hugs}
      How’s your leg healing?

      • Mel says

        Just checking in and letting you know you’re being thought of and prayed for.

        And the leg is healing just fine (leastwise I believe it is!…..I’ll know more after the x-rays no doubt!). But, as you can well guess–I’m whiny and bored out of my head. LOL But no worries–another project is lurking in my brain so all will be well again! 😉
        Be taking care of you!

        • Diane says

          Awww Mel….you are such a blessing! {hugs} I pray your healing really is complete and you’ll be able to get out and do all the things you’re missing. And I doubt that you’re whiny. 😀 Bored…yes! I’d love to hear more about what your little gray cells are up to. And thank you!!!!!!!!! You take care of you, too!!

  3. Jean says

    I love your blog! I’m sticking around and praying for you as well. I love that door also. It makes me want to take a glimpse inside the home.

    • Diane says

      The door, I believe, is actually to a B&B. Really there is no way to tell except the glass in the door has an unusual name etched in it.
      Thanks for your encouragement Jean!! I so appreciate your prayers…and YOU!

  4. Susan says

    I haven’t visited for awhile, but I can see that I missed some news. I looked for a post explaining, but I didn’t find it. Don’t worry, your readers will stick around because we don’t care where you live! You still have your same sweet spirit no matter where it is!

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