Day 3


You know people with thankful hearts.

We might not actually think when an individual interacts with us, “Oh, Janie surely has a thankful heart!”   But it is that very thing that gives a pleasant countenance and so many other pleasing traits to our friends.  These, usually, are the people with whom we enjoy, whatever we’re doing.

I want a thankful heart.

If I want the heart inside my chest to get strong, I need to exercise it.  The same is true for a thankful heart.  We absolutely must exercise our gratitude muscle, in order to have a thankful heart. - a place of joy and inspiration {7 Days of Thanksgiving} A Thankful Heart | Thanksgiving photo Quote by Cicero


And….as Cicero says…it’s “the parent of all the other virtues.”   Now, that’s something to think about.

So what about you?

How strong is your thankful heart?

Maybe we need to do a few thankful repetitions every day.  Yes?


Speaking of thankfulness.  I have been smitten with brown transferware for some time.  Last week we had to travel out-of-town to pick up some pavers for our walkway.  While there, we decided to see what else this town had to offer.  I remembered a friend said that the T.J. Maxx there was amazing.  Her husband rolled his eyes when she said that.  {heehee}  So, I wanted to check it out too.  Well, of course it was amazing…it actually has a large, official, Home Goods.  My patient husband followed along as we went up and down all the aisles.  And wouldn’t you know it, in the SALE or marked down section, there was this lovely brown transfer pheasant plate.  (You did notice it in the photo I’m sure!)  It officially is Woodland Harvest by The Victorian English Pottery, Est 1819 by Edward Challinor.  And mine, just $2….yes, there is a tiny one-eighth-of-an-inch chip which can hardly be seen.   I’ve been wanting something just like this to decorate for Thanksgiving.  How fun is that!?  We walked out of the store with our small purchase, my very happy thankful heart…..and a major case of sensory overload.


I’d love to hear your story.
What little thing (it doesn’t need to be an object) left you with a happy thankful heart?


One Happy Thankful Heart!



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  1. Jean says

    I love the plate! What a wonderful bargain. A Home Goods just opened up near us. I may have to make a drive out that way and check it out. I am extremely thankful today for having my dates mixed up and NOT having to go to a meeting this afternoon. Turned out the meeting was next week. Hooray for extra unexpected time in my afternoon!

  2. Mel says

    Ohhhhhhhh……isn’t it amazing what $2 and TJMaxx can do?! Who doesn’t love a heck of a good deal?
    My happy/thankful moment came in the picture of a firetruck a 3 year old drew JUST for me. It’s red–there’s black in there…..definitely a firetruck! LOLOL

    And I do know some very happy, thankful hearts–they’re the ones I adore sitting next to. Their glow is warming and contagious.

    • Diane says

      I LOVE that Mel!!! What could be better than a picture made JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!
      Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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