Day 18


One of my new friends came to my home for a visit.  While she was here I shared with her a few projects I have on the back burner.  It was good to get a little feedback.  Sometimes a gal just needs to know she hasn’t jumped off into the deep end.  I’m just teasing…sorta.  While we were walking around I took her to the sun room where I recently hung a favorite seasonal wall hanging.  I mentioned that in this small house I have limited wall space, but really wanted to put up that bit of artwork.  One day I realized that it would fit perfectly over one of the windows between my (mini) great room and the sun room, but then thought it might be kind of goofy.  When my friend saw what I had done, being the good friend she is, she complimented me on the wall hanging and gave her honest evaluation on its location.  Two thumbs up.  Yay! {Day 18}  31 Extraordinary Days ~ Making the House...My Home  | Fall Vignette


All this got me thinking.

I like the wall hanging.  I wanted to hang it somewhere I could enjoy it.  And I wanted it to be a part of a vignette or “moment.”   When I hung it over the window….all my requirements were met.  The big question is, “Why did it bother me that someone else might think it was weird to hang it where I did?”   Really.   How often do you think we squelch our creativity by thinking this way?

Remember my phrase…”Why be Ordinary when You can be Extraordinary?”  Being concerned about how my decor will be perceived by others (except my husband – he does live here too) is pretty ordinary thinking.  Our home decor should be an expression of ourselves.   If others appreciate it, that’s wonderful.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the why and the whom for this expression of creativity.

As we attempt to intentionally live life more fully and beautifully, it’s sometimes a good thing to step back for a moment.  {Day 18}  31 Extraordinary Days ~ Making the House....My Home | Harvest Vignette


My personal journey has had many ups and a few downs.  Our roads twist and turn and like me, you may be renting your home when you’d rather own one.  Many things would be different if this house were mine.   Depending upon our resources we might be able to make a few physical improvements to our little abode. But, the true test of creativity and character, for me or you, is choosing to see what’s lovely about our address and our earthy goods, and making our houses into homes.  Places of sanctuary for our families.

Though I may dislike (that’s putting it mildly) the orange-tinged varnished woodwork and a few other things, I am intentionally choosing to make this little rental into a warm and peaceful sanctuary for my husband and myself.   And, I am choosing to appreciate and enjoy the many windows, the great view of the mountains from my side windows, and the hardwood floors to name just a few.

To “be extraordinary” is to choose to see the beauty around me, to roll up my sleeves and have fun being creative with whatever it is I am blessed to have before me.   Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Designs talks about a client of hers whom she helped in creating a wonderful “work” room.

She said, “This amazing client of mine has no secret formula for her fabulous spaces, other than the fact that she has the guts to take chances and use things that she simply LOVES in her space.”


That’s being extraordinary!!  {Day 18}  31 Extraordinary Days ~ Making the House...My Home |  Fall Vignette


So what do you think?  Do you worry about what others will think of your paint color, furniture choices, or cabinet doors?  Or….  Are you using your favorite things and freely expressing your God-given creativity while creating a warm sanctuary for yourself or your family?


Why be Ordinary when You CAN be Extraordinary


One time my husband told me I could take any house and make it a beautiful home.  Wasn’t that just the nicest thing to say?


Be Extraordinary!


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  1. Jean says

    Wow, what a super nice thing for your husband to say! Why do I suddenly find myself wanting to go decorate? 🙂

  2. Diane says

    Thanks Jean! He is a good guy!
    Hmmmm. I hope it’s because you now feel free to have fun and be your wonderful creative self!! Have fun!!!
    Be extraordinary!!!

  3. Jennifer {StudioJRU} says

    Oh this is such a great point! Sometimes I think I ‘overthink’ my decor. lol “Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the why and the whom for this expression of creativity.” YES!!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Jennifer! Now if we could express ourselves in our decor with abandon….wouldn’t that be amazing? I’m pretty sure all would be blessed because of it.
      May your day be filled with joy!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing, Diane! I LOVE your notion about choosing to be extraordinary. Fantastic! Happy Decorating!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and decor! Isn’t Home the best place to be?
    Come on over and visit. I am having an ETSY gift card giveaway. 🙂
    The Robin’s Nest

    Fun for First

    • Diane says

      Yes, Lory…home is the best place to be. And after spending so much time away from home in my past….I’m loving working at home, now.
      May you have An Extraordinary Day!

  6. YES! That was a wonderful thing for him to say. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to use your God-given talents to bless your loved ones?

    Great job on using the art right where you’ll enjoy it!

    • Diane says

      And thanks for your sweet words!!
      May your weekend be Extraordinary!!


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