The lilac in full bloom
Is its flower or fragrance
The more beautiful?


The lilac in full bloom Is its flower or fragrance the more beautiful

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Do you love the fragrance of a lilac? 

I certainly do.  So much so, that I decided that I needed to plant some lilacs to enjoy their fragrance and beauty.

My husband jokes that I continuously created new gardens around our first house.  One I created, was a lilac garden near the French doors opening out to our backyard sitting area.  I chose the miniature variety, Miss Kim, partially for its petite size, but also because of its wonderful later bloom and long-lasting fragrance.

Its flowers are more fragile and less robust looking than the French variety, but the bush has beautiful green leaves that don’t mildew and it doesn’t spread and can be kept small with a little bit of careful pruning immediately after flowering.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are also fans of Miss Kim, which also endears her to me.


Create pretty seasonal home decor for spring with beautiful vignette showcasing an old door, a grapevine wreath, and a huge bouquet of lilacs. It makes a lovely rustic farmhouse style decor statement.


We have moved several times since those days of garden creation at our first house.  Not a single home since has been graced with lilacs.  But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying lilacs.  Except for the two years when we lived in Indiana, most all our homes have been in suburban areas that skirt rural, more natural and undeveloped areas.

It’s in those more natural areas that I keep my eyes peeled wide as we drive the byways looking for whatever is blooming at that season.


Bringing joy and beauty into our homes with lilacs


On our way back from the mall one Sunday afternoon, we took a different route past an area of light industry.  Set back some distance from the road, the land in front of the businesses was filled with all kinds of wild beauty. And there, just on the other side of a metal road barrier, was a huge lilac bush.  It was stunning.

The average traveler would not have noticed it amidst other bushes and trees.  But my “trained” eye spotted it in passing.  Of course, we turned the car around and came back to park in a safe place near the lilacs.

What to know a little secret?

I keep a pair of garden pruners in the door pocket of my car and a pair of loppers in the trunk.

This girl is prepared!!  Prepared for taking careful judicious snippets of roadside finds that Mother Nature leaves for me.

Please don’t freak out and think I’m destroying nature.  Keep in mind that I am a gardener and so I carefully prune in a way that is good for a shrub or plant and most people would have a hard time even seeing that I had pinched some goodness from Mother Nature.  (And don’t worry, I don’t pinch from yards and gardens.)

After coming home with an armful of the most delightful smelling lilacs, I simply arranged them in a clear pitcher I scored at the thrift shop. And then, I couldn’t resist putting together a vignette.


Mossy bird adds to this beautiful lilac vignette


I can’t tell you how much these little gathering and creating moments make my heart swell.  It might seem odd to say that I feel like I was made to do this… but I kind of do.  It might not be life-saving or fighting for human rights or for that matter, even teaching truth. Yet, in a small way, it IS lifesaving for me.


Rustic Spring Vignette featuring a Fresh Lilacs Bouquet


When we walk through challenging times we often struggle to simply survive.  It’s these little things, like gathering lilacs and making a pretty vignette that help me move from surviving to thriving.

It’s these little things we can do to boost our mood, to exercise our creativity, and to breathe.

You’ll find that these simple and free activities will nurture your spirit and help your shoulders and body relax.


Create pretty seasonal home decor for spring with beautiful vignette showcasing an old door, a grapevine wreath, and a huge bouquet of lilacs. It makes a lovely rustic farmhouse style decor statement. -


Somewhere amidst the too many boxes, we have in storage far far away, is a little book that tells the lore and meaning behind flowers.  As I was enjoying the heady lilac fragrance, I started wondering about the lilacs and why they might have been grown and given, back in the days when those kinds of things mattered.  Since I wasn’t going to drive 8 hours and search through my storage units filled to the brim to find that tiny book, I did a bit of online research.


Breathe in beauty and release stress with a bouquet of lilacs


I wasn’t surprised to learn that the spring blooming lilac symbolizes spring and renewal.  So many flowers seem to be associated with love and romance and lilacs are too. The traditional lilac color is a light purple which symbolizes a first love. White lilacs symbolize purity and innocence… Violet symbolizes spirituality… Magenta lilacs symbolize love and passion… and Blue lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility.


Now that lilacs are in bloom She has a bowl of lilacs in her room TS Eliot QUOTE


What I was surprised to learn was that lilacs are also a symbol of confidence. Maybe that is good to know.  On those spring days when you’re feeling a bit nervous and unsure of yourself, pick a bunch of lilac blossoms, or gather a bunch of faux lilacs from the craft store to display as a reminder that you can stand strong in the Lord and in HIS mighty power.

Little things we can do to boost our mood, to exercise our creativity, and to breathe.


They may not be long lasting, but a bunch of lilacs will do much to inspire, nurture, and revive your spirit.  And if you don’t have any bushes in your yard, or your neighbor isn’t up to sharing hers, keep your eyes open for roadside finds.

~ ~ What kinds of things do you do to revive your spirit? ~ ~

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Did you notice the cute mossy bird?  He is so fun!  You may have seen him make appearances in other posts.  I’ll be back soon with a quick little tutorial showing you how I made him.

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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  1. Gwen says

    Totally enjoyable!!! I’ve been so weary lately I’ve no energy for projects. I like to plan events. I like t plan flowers to go places in mynyard.
    I think children are drawn to me. I should possible be more involved. When I feel better.

    • Thank you, Gwen!
      Offering a prayer on your behalf for energy and physical renewal. I have no doubt that you are a delight to children. You have such a beautiful heart and kids see our hearts.
      You are blessed, my friend! xo

  2. Ivory says

    Fabulous! I can almost smell the lilacs. Haaaaaaa!!! I love the bird as well

    • Oh, Ivory… I wish you could have been able to bury your face in their pretty petals. They were the BEST. You know how there’s that PERFECT lilac aroma that makes your spirit soar? Yes… these were those.
      Hope your new week is filled with extraordinary moments!

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