Although I'm often surprised by the top reader favorites for the year.  Most of these are some of my personal favorite home decor posts, too.      The old adage, "time flies when you're having fun" is so true.  2017 went by in a blink!  It was a much better year in so many ways!  In spite of a few major disappointments, we have been rejoicing in God's goodness and provision throughout the year and feel so very blessed. The end of the year is a good time to look back and see just how blessed we are. I pour my heart and life into this blog so it's fun to discover the posts you … [Read more...]

  The clock is ticking down on 2014...  and what a year it was! For the most part... I don't share what's going on in my personal life.  But, if you're a faithful reader, you are aware that this year has been filled with challenges.  One thing I have been so grateful for, is this blog.  And considering my year, I pushed forward through it all.  The reward has been new relationships with other bloggers, considerable growth, the blessing of working with brands, and YOU. Thank you so much for your faithfulness!  I love reading your comments, your emails, and chatting with you on Facebook.  You have … [Read more...]

[sigh] It's the end of a year. Tonight we gather with a few friends and usher in the New Year. I'm making Swedish Meatballs. My cookbooks are in storage and so I'll be depending on my memory.  I guess it will be a splash of this and a sprinkling of that.  But, mostly, I'm hoping that they taste like I remember.  Because today, I have a yearning for the familiar. Memory lane can be a lovely beautiful place filled with blooms and petals drifting in the sweet breeze.  Or...not.  Most of us like to travel down memory lane for the good remembrances.  Often those remembrances are triggered by aromas. … [Read more...]

It's been an extraordinary year here at An Extraordinary Day! It's been a year where I've been forced to dig deep and get creative. It's been a year of discovery as my eyes have undergone a sort of training to see life and things in a whole new way. It's been a year where I've learned that we really can have beautiful homes and decorate with a zero dollar budget. It's been a year of discovering the most amazing elements in nature for decorating our homes. And...It's been fun.  Truly. But most of all, I've discovered that An Extraordinary Day! has the most encouraging and supportive readers.  I try … [Read more...]