Today's post is for my WordPress blogging friends. If you've been blogging for any length of time, you've struggled with comment spam.     There is nothing I have disliked more than having to check the spam in my comment queue and dredge for the few true readers' comments.  In a blink of an eye there could be hundreds of spam comments. Several months ago I shared a fix that worked for me.  It took a total of three plugins to almost stop my comment spam. There was one problem with my "fix." It also included turning off the comments to blog posts that were more than 90 days … [Read more...]

Spam.  Nobody likes it.  With the latest changes in email filters, we all are experiencing much less spam.  Or are we?  If you're a blogger, you are undoubtedly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of spam hitting your comment box. Wouldn't you like to know how to fix comment spam? It's really very simple.  Turn off comments. What? Turn off comments? Am I crazy? Don't click away....stay with me to see where I take this. When I set up my blog originally, I installed a WordPress plugin called Akismet.  It is supposed to be the premier plugin to prevent comment and trackback spam.   Yet, when I … [Read more...]

  Last night I had an Oh, No! experience. It was one of those heart-sinking realizations.   "My readers must think that I am too good to reply to their thoughtful comments on the blog." Those were my thoughts.  I was sure you thought I was a blogging snob.   "She must think_______."  Or something equally not true. I had no idea that when I took the time to reply to all your sweet comments that you had no idea that I did.  Somewhere along the line I neglected to add a plugin, something called Comment Reply Notification.    When I started this blog I worked really hard to get the … [Read more...]