Choosing a Word of the Year can set the stage for an incredible New Year.  Although my word might surprise you, I'm excited about its potential to make my year amazing.   Several years ago, a young friend, whom Tim had been mentoring for several years, won four tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert.  As a huge fan of TSO and all things audiovisual, it was the ultimate win for him.  It ended up being a win for us as well, as he invited us to be his guests that night.     If you've ever had the privilege of attending a TSO concert, you know that they put on quite … [Read more...]

Do you choose a Word for the Year? Lots of people choose a word rather than make resolutions. Last year my Word for the Year was JOY.  You can read about it here.   If you've been following on Facebook you might have picked up that I decided to skip on choosing a Word for the Year and choose a Verse for the Year.   Okay....I changed my mind. Instead.... I decided to do both. Sorta. The verse isn't just a's several verses...okay....a whole section of scripture. But before we go there let's visit my Word for the Year.     Restore. It isn't what you … [Read more...]