Do some days feel as if you're barely surviving? Discover how to do one thing to thrive in life...     Can you believe we're already into the second month of the New Year?  Me either. I had great plans for January.  Actually, I had great plans for ME in January. However, my great plans didn't exactly start off the way I intended. Did you begin the new year with great expectations and new resolutions that you just KNEW you were going to achieve THIS year and now just a month in, you find yourself struggling? It's okay. Seriously.  It's okay. Let go of the guilt. If you … [Read more...]

Last week I was doing a fair amount of contemplation regarding this space and decided to share a few of my thoughts with you.  It was one of those "streams of consciousness" kinds of posts.  Sometimes it's helpful to process our thoughts with others.  Sometimes it's helpful to simply write those thoughts down.  As I wrote, I surprised myself by writing this... But even more… I want to thrive.  I want YOU to thrive. I also created a printable with a thoughtful quote I found. The post went live, and I shared it on Facebook.  End of story. Not really. Shelly, a faithful member of our An Extraordinary Day … [Read more...]