A glimpse of summer living at its finest and a peek in my summer sanctuary at home.   Picture yourself walking down the coastline with the waves lapping at your feet, the sun warming your back, and with every step, the cares of the world melting away. Wasn't it refreshing taking that brief mental break to envision yourself strolling down the shore? Those times on the sandy edges of Lake Michigan are my favorite, especially after indulging in a picnic at on beach. When we've walked as far as we can, we'll go back to our spot on the beach.  There we'll settle into our sand chairs to … [Read more...]

This week's Project Inspire{d} party was extraordinary! Thanks for sharing Project Inspire{d} with your friends! It's so great seeing new blogs.  And WOW! the creativity blows me away! I LOVE summertime entertaining outdoors. There's something about being outside that makes everyone relaxed and carefree. And what's better than finishing off a cookout with s'mores around the fire after the sun sets? Today's round-up is filled with ideas for making your outdoor spaces the perfect places for summer entertaining... or just for family.  So... come on and see what caught our eye this week! And get your pinning … [Read more...]

What goes through your mind when you think of summer?     For me...it's a few hours at the beach. Today I'm over at Homework sharing how you can enjoy time some beach time, even if you're many miles away. Please stop by Carolyn's and check out my post.  And check out her extraordinarily creative blog.     Speaking of summer... Over the weekend I shared a round-up of some amazing looking Fruity Summer Treats linked up at last week's Project Inspire{d} link party. Click here if you missed it! Are you drooling?  Everything looks absolutely … [Read more...]

It's summertime and entertaining is easy.   Or at least it's supposed to be. This week's features center around summer foods and entertaining. I'm drooling over all these delicious recipes for sure.   Let's see who's been extraordinary this week! Suzanne made an ice cream pie with berries. Everyone loves ice cream especially in the summer.  There is no doubt that this is sure to be a hit! Berries and Ice Cream Pie by Simply Suzannes  Sherry has me drooling over her gorgeous cherry pie. Now if we only could meet at the beach house to enjoy a slice! Beach House Baking & … [Read more...]