Walking.  It's something we do every day. We love it for getting our exercise.  But, one reason that I choose walking is because it gives me the opportunity to actually 'talk' with my husband.  And the other reason, is because it gives me more time to notice the world around me.    I know, that's no surprise to you....especially as it seems that my second most favorite thing to do is to go out, camera in hand, and see what I can discover.     Maybe that's why I notice things that change along my paths.  Like the first day the Crocus stick up their pretty … [Read more...]

  Remember how I said I was embracing Winter? Not anymore! Today I flung open the doors and welcomed Spring with open arms. Well not literally...it's only 27 degrees!  Instead, I exercised my decorating creativity and paper crafting skills to make a fun pennant banner embellished with colorful birds and music pages from vintage hymnals.     My vintage window has now undergone its third transformation since I received it as a gift on Thanksgiving.  Take a peek at it as a Christmas Window and later as a Valentine Window. Who knew that an old window would make such a fabulous … [Read more...]