Think outside the box to create your own home decor and learn how to make a pillow from a table runner.  One of the simplest ways to "springify" your home, besides giving it a fresh cleaning, is to add some fun new spring decor.  Even better... make that new decor yourself.  If you can cut with scissors and thread a needle... you can handle this super easy DIY project! When I was out shopping for my Easter table, some table runners beckoned me.  Goodness, they were cute.   One, in particular, caught my eye.  It was the sweetest bunny rabbit with a crown of flowers and a cute bow around her neck.    … [Read more...]

  Are you ready for a DIY that's easy and perfect for spring?   I put together this easy spring dogwood wreath... in just thirty minutes for just three dollars... and you can make one too.   On Friday night my friend and I took a drive to the largest greenhouse I've ever seen.  On the way home, we passed countless dogwood trees just beginning to bloom in the woods lining both sides of the highway.  It was spectacular. Spring is here in full force and the dogwoods are blooming and the dogwood stems I purchased for just $3 each at Walmart were waiting in my studio closet anxious … [Read more...]

    Ranunculus. I've been smitten with this lovely blossom forever. It was always my plan to grow ranunculus for spring, but for some reason, I never got around to it.  They aren't like tulips or daffodils where you bury bulbs in the fall with a promise to enjoy a swath of them from the distance each spring.  Ranunculus are best enjoyed as cut flowers.  Or in pots... up close and personal.     That's why I flipped head over heels when a local grower brought these beautiful blooms to my neighborhood supermarket.  My local store always has flowers... but really there's rarely … [Read more...]

    There you are... standing in line at the grocery store. There they are... beautiful blossoms beckoning you to take them home. You hear their whispers, "I'm so pretty, your house needs me." "You know you want me... take me home with you." But, you remember that you have no idea how to make a tulip arrangement.  And you tell yourself, "Flower arranging is not for the faint of heart." Pshaw! You may never have successfully arranged flowers before in your life.  But TODAY!  Today you will make a stunning floral centerpiece and it will be the FIRST of many, many more to … [Read more...]

  First... I have a little announcement. A little more than three years ago, I embarked on a fun weekly adventure called Project Inspire{d}. I have so enjoyed seeing what you create and share each week and believe me, choosing features is the hardest thing ever.  It is with sadness I announce, this is the last time I will be joining my dear friends and co-hosts of Project Inspire{d} as a co-host.  The weekly link party will go on without me.  I've decided to step back from hosting for various reasons (and yes everything else here on the blog will go on as normal).  The hardest part of my decision was … [Read more...]

  March is the month that winter and spring collide.  And boy do they collide.  With unseasonably warm weather followed by whipping high winds and then snow. (I'm sorry to hear some of you are going to be walloped with a foot or more.)  March is definitely the month when the sun shines warm and the winds blow cold.  That's why I created this lovely printable quote on March for you.  It would look perfect framed alongside a pretty floral arrangement somewhere in your home. I hope you like is as much as I do...I created a FREE 8x10 printable version of this Spring QUOTE by Charles Dickens on March for you … [Read more...]

  Make Easter brunch amazing with this easy and inexpensive Easter centerpiece idea. Simple and colorful, you'll feel like you're celebrating Easter in a garden.     It's been a while since I've been totally excited about something I've created and this Easter centerpiece and tablescape are my very favorite. I cannot express the happiness I feel every time I walk in the room. A few of my wonderful friends got together with me for a blogging challenge where our goal is to Make Something From Nothing.  It's all about being creative with the gifts and talents our Creator has given us … [Read more...]

  Recently I  did a little thrift and antique store hopping with my good friend.  We had so much fun. One thing Rochelle collects is vintage aluminum trays.  They're inexpensive, they don't take a lot of storage space, and they can be used for all sorts of things. Serving beverages? Grab a tray.  Serving appetizers? Use a tray.  Serving several kinds of ice cream for a sundae bar? A tray makes a great slop-proof surface. And then my favorite... using a tray to frame a moment (vignette).     After shopping with my friend, we went to her house and played.  Do you do that too?  She … [Read more...]

  Take your cues from Mother Nature and set a bird's nest themed Easter table with these simple ideas.     By now you all know that I'm a big time nature lover. I truly enjoy creating with the beauties of I did here and here and here. So when my friend enlisted my help in creating a tablescape for Easter I just had to add an extra touch or two from Mother Nature.   Creating A Bird's Nest Themed Easter Table This springy bird's nest themed Easter table all started when my friend picked up a variety of ceramic birds in white, yellow, and blue earlier this … [Read more...]

Today feels like spring!  Finally! We haven't managed to keep the sun shining...but I can't complain when it's 60 degrees!! I even got a chance to get outside and play in the yard a bit.     I thought it would be fun today to revisit a popular post from last year.... This shabby spring window sings spring and the little birdies make me happy.   Right now, my window is slightly open and I can hear birdsong.  It's the most wonderful thing.  After a long winter, it's music to my ears!!   Here's a glimpse of what was extraordinary on the blog this past week.... The Promise of … [Read more...]

Happy First Day of Spring! With all the snow we've had this year, you would think that I'd steer far away from white for spring. Nope!  I went for brightness by creating a simple, dramatic white mantel for spring. Spring has more than her fair share of cloudy days.  And there's nothing like a background of white with color pops for a dramatic look to brighten the spirits on a gray gloomy rainy day.     I'm excited that spring has officially arrived.  You too? There is still a bit of snow in the forecast.  But, the reality of spring's appearance is seeing larger and larger … [Read more...]

Back in my old stomping grounds, it's tulip time. It's a fabulous celebration of tulips and things Dutch.   The funny thing is, usually before or after the big shin dig I'd drive over to see the tulip displays and fields of tulips.  But, I never attended the parade or any of the festivities.  I have a slight regret.  When you live in an area most of your adult life, you think you're going to have plenty of time to 'get there.'  After all, we had built our 'forever house.'  We lived in one of the loveliest places in the country, a true vacation destination, of course there would be plenty of … [Read more...]

There isn't anything prettier than streets lined with Bradford Pear Trees in early spring. One of my good friends in Western New York lived on one of those streets. I would drive out of my way just to see the glory of all those flowering pear branches sporting their stunning white blossoms. Ahhhh....the beauty. My small town is not lined with them, but the few along the tree line bring brilliance to Main Street.     We haven't lived in our current house very long. Last year was our first spring here and we were more about trimming the jungle in our yard than in reveling in the beauty. This … [Read more...]

Spring has sprung and my little corner of the world is a fireworks of white, pink, green, and yellow!     Today is the official day for everyone to be... celebrating Earth Day!   Yup.  I'm sure it's the talk of the day at every school and on the television.     Can I let you in on a little secret? I'm not celebrating Earth Day. Nope! But...I am celebrating!     I am celebrating the Creator of this amazing orb we call Earth. My mind cannot comprehend the amazingly detailed perfection that was required and is still required to keep us … [Read more...]

  I did it again! Seriously I am having too much fun playing in my sun room.   Since we painted the trim white, I have so enjoyed dressing the sun room for the seasons!  And now that it's warming up I'll enjoy spending lots of time out there too. Here's my latest iteration... A Sunny Yellow Table Setting for Two     Do you recognize the cheerful vintage yellow crocus pot? It's a 1940's piece of pottery that looks amazingly contemporary.  Gotta love that!  For Easter I had blue and white eggs in each of the surrounding planting holes with the same daffodils in the middle.  This time … [Read more...]

  I'm loving this dramatic moment on my cabinet. It's a simple tulip wreath DIY project anyone can do. And by now, you must know I love quick and easy DIY projects. What is it about spring?  Are we so staved for color after a long cold gray winter that we are more than willing to put together such a glorious mix of colors?  I surely am.  In my sun room, anyway. Do you gravitate towards color in the spring, too? Summer...that's a different story.  Though many plant reds and yellows together in the summer garden, mine will usually be filled with white, purple, pink, blue, and a dash of soft yellow. … [Read more...]

  Spring!  Where art thou? How would you like to bring a bit of spring into your home without it breaking the bank?  Yes, please!! Patience, please.  I'll get there in a minute.   If you've been a reader for a while you may remember that I stuck branches up in my sunroom this winter for Christmas and hung red snowflakes from them.   It was part of transforming my sunroom into a Swedish Christmas room.   I loved those snowflakes and left them up all winter.  After I cut the snowflakes down I was left with these bare branches.  Oh my...they couldn't stay like that.  I had a choice...either take … [Read more...]