It seems like the whole country is in a deep freeze. I rarely watch TV so I miss the hype regarding major storms, but I've been seeing the term "polar vortex" in status updates on Facebook and elsewhere.  My husband had an appointment to meet someone a few hours away and it was cancelled because of the cold temps in Indiana. Here in Michigan it was minus 17 degrees last night and today I don't think we got above minus 3 degrees.  It's cold.  And that vortex brought in plenty of snow. Seeing all that beautiful frosting on the trees, the porch, and cars made me want to make snow ice … [Read more...]

  Lovely. Floating. Flakes. Gathering. Whiteness. Snowfall.     The other evening we had an unexpected snow at dinner time. Look closely and you can see the large falling snowflakes. It was a magical few hours.   Truly extraordinary!! Supper was ready and I sat down to eat.  However I could not contain myself. It was getting late and the light was getting low.   So, I excused myself from the table, grabbed my camera, and attempted to capture the moment.  The windows which had been locked against the winter winds were cranked open to capture this photo and many more.   Such a … [Read more...]

  It's the day after Christmas.       Our friends in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand celebrate Boxing Day today.    If you make your home in one of those beautiful places....Happy Boxing Day! I decided to look up Boxing Day to see what it was all about.  It isn't about the sport of boxing, nor is it about boxing up items.  Instead, this holiday goes back many years when the service of employees would be required on Christmas Day.  The employer would in turn give their employee the day after Christmas off to spend with family and boxes of food and other gifts to take … [Read more...]