Is breakfast time crazy and chaotic at your house? We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so doing something to make a breakfast that will stick to your ribs for the day is something we all need to do.     My husband loves a bowl of oatmeal.  It's quick to fix and can be topped with all kinds of yummy toppings. To make those few breakfast minutes more organized and special, I created an oatmeal toppings tray.     It was super fun to do.  Costs very little.  And you can customize it to match your decor or go crazy with … [Read more...]

Have you ever gone for a walk only to come back with a treasure from the roadside? Last spring I went for a lunchtime walk on an unseasonably warm and bright day. About a block and a half from my house I noticed a pile of disassembled furniture and other sundry items at the curb of a home that had recently been sold.  Evidently the home was part of an estate and the remaining items had to be disposed.  As I walked by slowly, I noticed some tall French provincial cabinet doors stacked on top of each other amidst the partially deconstructed cabinetry.  As I continued my walk down that very long cul-de-sac, I … [Read more...]

Cloches. I love the look of a cloche in a vignette.  You too? But, cloches can be expensive.  What do you do if you love the look but don't have one in your stash? Choose any tapered cylindrical container... invert it over your object and voila! you have a cloche! Isn't that easy? How many glass containers can your repurpose for a cloche?     This vignette on my sideboard may look a wee bit familiar to you. That's because I recently shared about it here. Marty from a Stroll Through Life also enjoys cloches in her decorating.  So much so, that she decided to turn her regular … [Read more...]

  Christmas stockings. I've been seeing them everywhere. Maybe you have too? People of all ages are hoping Santa Claus stops by with a few treats.     Although my husband and I still have our childhood Christmas stockings, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at repurposing a cable knit sweater from the thrift store... into....yes...a pair of Christmas stockings! Karin was my inspiration.  She says her collection is approaching 150 and it seems that she may have made most of them.  Yes, I'm impressed.  And so it seems that I should be able to make at least one, … [Read more...]