I'm so glad you're here! It's always fun to see what you link up each week at Project Inspire{d}! I can't wait to see your latest creative great ideas. And I know our non-blogging friends can't wait to be inspired. But before we party hearty... don't miss this!! We have a special giveaway for you today! Alphabet Trains is a charming children's new book by author Samantha Vamos. This sweet story uses trains as a "vehicle" (pun intended) to help kids learn the alphabet. Each train gets a different letter of the alphabet plus there are plenty for youngsters to talk about-- where do the trains go? What do … [Read more...]

It's time for Project Inspire{d}!    Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline ~ Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie from The Silly Pearl ~ Diane from An Extraordinary Day I'm so excited that you could join us tonight.  Monday nights are my favorite nights. And I can't wait to see all your extraordinary inspiration and great ideas. Thank you so much for blessing us with your presence. Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... Greater love has no one than this...   Thanks to Facebook I've Got a New Mind-set | JoyDay!   Fun and … [Read more...]

Who could use a little extra CASH? I see that hand! This week I'm joining up with some blogging buddies to give away $450!!! Enter below and be sure to share the giveaway with your friends! There are lots of chances to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... What's that Delightful Fragrance You're Wearing? | It's JoyDay! Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party Features: 11 Ideas to Creatively Recycle and Repurpose Items for Your Home Stop back during the week for more extraordinary goodness. Be sure to head over to see … [Read more...]

Do you struggle with keeping up with the laundry or any number of household chores? Over the years my housekeeping has been a bit of a roller coaster.  I love the highs when everything is running smoothly.  But, when I was overwhelmed with a job, a business, volunteering, fitness, and spending time in my garden.... my house was sometimes a complete disaster. I'm excited to share this Mini Video eCourse: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking with you.  I love the practical tips and wish I'd learned them years ago.  On my own, I've made things work.  But, this is a plan that would have changed my world and … [Read more...]

Did you miss the DIY Ultimate Bundle when I shared it with you back in January? If you were kicking yourself for not purchasing it... here's your chance!!   This bundle includes nearly $1200 worth of DIY-themed ebooks, ecourses, and bonuses for just $34.95. Hurry!  This 48 hour flash sale goes away forever in just a few hours.  Go here for all the details.   Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... How to Glorify God with Butterfly Wings |JoyDay!   Be Inspired by this 10 Minute Easter Vignette Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party … [Read more...]

Yesterday, it hit me... Easter is less than two weeks away!!! Why is it that the holidays always seem like they are a long way off and then, BAM! suddenly the day is upon us? Today I'm sharing last year's Easter tablescape idea.  I love how fresh and natural it is.  If you are hosting Easter dinner this year, hopefully it will inspire your creative juices.   Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... JoyDay! | What Happens When You Get Off the Beaten Path?   When Did You Last Make Time for a Good Friend?   5 Quick and Easy Ideas to … [Read more...]

Download this 5x7 Photo Art Printable for Personal Use.   Last week I had a great time hanging out with a few dear friends.  It was nice to take a blogging break and get refreshed.  My days were very full.  One afternoon we went to Meijer Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit.  There's nothing like being in a tropical garden for a few hours trying to capture butterflies with the camera for a wonderful break from the cold weather.  Though, I must say each day the temps were in the forties with my last day hitting 50 degrees! (Today it's supposed to hit 64 degrees!!  I'm ridiculously excited!) While there I … [Read more...]

Just 11 Days until Spring!! Turning our clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time Sunday makes the anticipation of Spring even greater.  I am so excited to see warmer days and the snow and ice melted so I can get back to a regular routine of walking.  It's been a hard winter over most of the country. And even though it's not quite spring, I'm taking a spring break of sorts this week. As you read this I'll already be enjoying some special time away with a dear friend. It's still in the snowy north, but it's just what I need.  You shouldn't miss me too much as a post should arrive at your inbox about midweek. … [Read more...]

I need to tell you that I am a wee bit embarrassed.  Me... the gal who strives toward perfection. Okay.... I've never hit the mark.  Regardless... I hate when I make mistakes.  And this one is a big one!! If you are one of those really sweet and kind friends who added the Project Inspire{d} Link Party button to your blog or sidebar... would you please update it for me? I just discovered that, way back when, I somehow added a coma to the link and... it kills it from working. Yup!  Deader than a door nail.  And that is no help to anyone.  I am sooo sooo … [Read more...]

Do you have a best friend? Since selling our "forever" home, we've made five moves to addresses in four states.  At each new town, I've been blessed to make wonderful friends.  Each friendship is a special treasure... but there's something special about long-time relationships, regardless of the miles. Because I treasure my friendships, when I came across this wonderful Irish friendship quote, I immediately wanted to create an art print for you. It's early for St. Patrick's Day, but I decided you should have it in plenty of time to print and frame, so you could enjoy it for more than a few … [Read more...]

Did you know that I occasionally write guides for eBay? Last week I enjoyed writing about how to create a collected look for our tables with blue and white. I shared about it on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed those posts, please use this link, to stop by.  I'd be blessed if you'd take the time to vote and leave a comment, too.  Thanks!  While you're there, look for other guides for topics that interest you.   Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week...   What Sacrifice is Better than Coke, Chocolate, or … [Read more...]

The clocking is ticking down! If you've been thinking about purchasing the fabulous Ultimate DIY Bundle for the crazy low price of $34.95 for 76 different eBook and eCourses... don't wait any longer!!  The Ultimate DIY Bundle will only be on sale until 11.59pm EST on Monday, January 26. Pick up your copy right now, before it’s too late. Or, learn more here. I really believe this is an extraordinary opportunity for everyone with a creative bent. Whether you're a dabbler or are serious about DIYing, there's nothing like having this incredible library at your fingertips.  Plus the FREE bonuses are the icing … [Read more...]

Here we are... just a month away from Valentine's Day! If you're like me, you don't go crazy over Valentine's Day, but you do enjoy creating a Valentine vignette, or a wreath, or something for that someone special. One of my all-time favorite creations was this box disguised as as stack of letters filled with words of affirmation.  I shared the sentiment in this post and in a much later post I created a detailed tutorial so that you can make your own Valentine love letters box. On Valentine's Day there are many marriage proposals being made.  I think this would be an amazing box to hold an engagement … [Read more...]

This past week, I've been in the midst of some major organizing.   Raise your hand if that's you, too. My organizing isn't exactly what you'd expect.  I've been spending my time organizing the blog to hopefully make your experience here even better.  Most of things I'm attempting to do require me to do some research to figure out how to do it... before I can even start.  If you're a blogger that tries not to rely on an expert/designer, etc., you know how much time this takes.  I must say there's a lot of satisfaction from the accomplishment.  However, because I don't have many posts completed in advance, I … [Read more...]

Today is my one-year anniversary of partying with my wonderful co-hostesses... Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie from The Silly Pearl  and YOU!! I'm so blessed to team up with Mary Beth, Malia, and Stephanie... the smartest, most creative, and sweetest gals ever.  It's so much fun working with them and getting to know each of them.  (Love you gals!!) And thank YOU for coming by each week and linking up your extraordinary ideas and projects.  You all are the BEST!!!  Thank you so much for your warm and lovely comments, too.  Your talents never cease to amaze … [Read more...]

Raise your hand if the Christmas season gives you a sensory overload. Now don't get me wrong... it's not a bad thing.  I love every. little. thing. about Christmas from the trees to the sparkling lights and all the amazing savory and sweet treats.  What's especially good for me... all that goodness decreases my appetite.  I'm probably one of the few who lose a pound or two at Christmas.  Before you get all jealous or start rolling your eyes I need to confess... I can get in big trouble about the time Valentine's Day rolls around. Yup... that's my season to over indulge in everything chocolaty and … [Read more...]

I can hardly believe it! It's late December and there isn't a flake on the ground here in Michigan. After last year's deep freeze and over abundance of snow... I'm loving it! In fact, I think that I'll celebrate with paper snowflakes this year. :)   After Christmas do you transition to winter home decor?  If you're trying to figure out how to transition your Christmas decor to winter, this just might be the perfect idea for you.   If you'd like to see some of my other ideas, check out a guide I wrote for eBay.  Click on the pin here.    It's time for Project Inspire{d}! I am so … [Read more...]