Today I have some tips on how to dry and debug pine cones. I prefer to call to make pine cones pop. Okay...some will make popping sounds and some won't.  Anyways.... What we're really trying to do is take those recently gathered pine cones, all closed up, damp from the rain and ground, dry them out and help them bloom (pop open) to their full potential.     Pine cones are the flowers of the evergreen family.  You gotta love any flower that stays beautiful almost indefinitely after it blooms.  I have boxes and boxes of pine cones.  Many of them are from the … [Read more...]

Cloches. I love the look of a cloche in a vignette.  You too? But, cloches can be expensive.  What do you do if you love the look but don't have one in your stash? Choose any tapered cylindrical container... invert it over your object and voila! you have a cloche! Isn't that easy? How many glass containers can your repurpose for a cloche?     This vignette on my sideboard may look a wee bit familiar to you. That's because I recently shared about it here. Marty from a Stroll Through Life also enjoys cloches in her decorating.  So much so, that she decided to turn her regular … [Read more...]