Do you love custom or matching desk accessories? It's a great way to give your desk, cubbie, or crafting center a polished and unified look.     If you'd like to have a sweet customized DIY upcycled desk organizer like this one... pop over to Yesterday on Tuesday where I'm sharing how to make your own for mere pennies. It was such a fun project and is so stylish for your desk or crafting table. If you look closely, you'll notice the pencils are custom coordinated to go with their holders. Decorator pencils are surprisingly easy to make and inexpensive too! So I thought I'd … [Read more...]

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! The tree's been down and the house devoid of anything Christmas for about a month.  Though lovely with a bit of simple winter decor, with all the white and gray and brown outside, I'm hungry for color.  And since red is one of my favorite colors (I can't pick just one!!), and since I'm a wee bit of a romantic, I do have fun throwing some red around the house, with a few hearts, too. If you're feeling a little bit like me, you are ready for some no cost or low cost DIY Valentine's Day decorating ideas.  To make it easier for you, I've gone into the archives and … [Read more...]

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Every year I look forward to adding an unexpected bit of whimsy to my decor in red and white for Valentine's Day. After the Christmas decor is stashed away for the season, our homes are usually re-organized and pared back a bit.  I think that's why I love to bring out some red for February.  I'm ready for a pop of color and the extra bit of life it gives my home decor in the midst of the loooong winter. Today I'm sharing an easy craft that will make your heart sing....   Beaded 3-D Hanging Paper Hearts Tutorial   This fun project requires just a few … [Read more...]

There's something special about a bundle of love letters wrapped up in ribbon. Want to top that?  Create a lovely stack of letters that is a treasure box in disguise...     Sweetest Day is just around the corner! Those of you who live in the Midwest are undoubtedly familiar with the special celebration in October called Sweetest Day.  Saturday, October 18 is Sweetest Day, this year.  It's a day created by Cleveland, Ohio confectioner manufacturers back in 1921.  You might have thought this holiday was a creation of Hallmark since the greeting card manufacturers are enjoying this day … [Read more...]

Happy First Day of Spring! With all the snow we've had this year, you would think that I'd steer far away from white for spring. Nope!  I went for brightness by creating a simple, dramatic white mantel for spring. Spring has more than her fair share of cloudy days.  And there's nothing like a background of white with color pops for a dramatic look to brighten the spirits on a gray gloomy rainy day.     I'm excited that spring has officially arrived.  You too? There is still a bit of snow in the forecast.  But, the reality of spring's appearance is seeing larger and larger … [Read more...]

  How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Usually my husband and I choose to make a lovely dinner together and I decorate the table in a way fitting for the day.  We have been doing this for several years.  It really is more fun than going out.  And more economical, even if we splurge for special menu items or ingredients.     This time of year we are inundated by offers from jewelers and florists and chocolate shops.  At our house, we don't place any pressure on exchanging gifts and cards, but if we choose to give a gift, it probably will be in an unexpected kind of way.  One year my … [Read more...]

  I've been hearing this question a lot lately, "Is there enough snow for you?" Having lived in West Michigan and in the Buffalo area, I am familiar with snow.  Lots of it.  Record snowfalls.  This year, it snows or seems to snow every day.  Regardless of the amount, it's enough!   Prior to this year's white avalanche, I shared my winter mantel and asked if anyone wanted me to create a tutorial for making pretty snowflakes.  It seems that I am not the only one who did not know that there was a paper-folding technique that would make all the difference in the world.  So, today, just in case … [Read more...]

I have one of those rooms that many just dream about.  A Studio. That's what I call it.  Most would call it a craft room. A tiny 9x9 room in my house that is totally dedicated to my love of papercrafting. I have dropped hints that I might show it to you.  Some time. And all these months later...I'm pretty certain that you wondered if I even had a craft room.  Um.  Studio. So without further ado.... Welcome to my Studio!  Ahem.  Craft Room.     May I offer you a glass of ice water, lemonade, or lightly  sweetened tea?   Let's begin our tour of this modest … [Read more...]

  Spring!  Where art thou? How would you like to bring a bit of spring into your home without it breaking the bank?  Yes, please!! Patience, please.  I'll get there in a minute.   If you've been a reader for a while you may remember that I stuck branches up in my sunroom this winter for Christmas and hung red snowflakes from them.   It was part of transforming my sunroom into a Swedish Christmas room.   I loved those snowflakes and left them up all winter.  After I cut the snowflakes down I was left with these bare branches.  Oh my...they couldn't stay like that.  I had a choice...either take … [Read more...]

  Remember how I said I was embracing Winter? Not anymore! Today I flung open the doors and welcomed Spring with open arms. Well not's only 27 degrees!  Instead, I exercised my decorating creativity and paper crafting skills to make a fun pennant banner embellished with colorful birds and music pages from vintage hymnals.     My vintage window has now undergone its third transformation since I received it as a gift on Thanksgiving.  Take a peek at it as a Christmas Window and later as a Valentine Window. Who knew that an old window would make such a fabulous … [Read more...]