I'm excited to share with you how I wood burned the cutest simple rustic woodland animal Christmas ornaments for my tree.     But, first...  This the 1st stop on our FOURTH ANNUAL Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop. Just like each year past, you can expect to be inspired by all kinds of lovely Christmas ornaments created by our extraordinary bloggers.  This year, we changed things up... we're doing TWELVE DAYS instead of the usual 31... with ALL of the creativity and inspiration you've come to expect.  So... how about we get on with the fun?! Last year I created my … [Read more...]

  How would you like to have a fresh evergreen centerpiece for Christmas? I've been making one for years and now... with this tutorial you can too! Let's start with our supplies... Waterproof container ~ This Lenox Winter Greetings Bowl*is a new version and similar to the one I used. Pruner * Sharp knife with a long blade Oasis® floral foam* Assorted fresh cut evergreens Berries or rose hips ~ fresh or artificial Pine cones English ivy or boxwood is also a wonderful addition Optional: small bird house, bird cage, candle, bird, etc. Hot tip!  I picked up my … [Read more...]

  Yesterday I mentioned the value of taking photos of your Christmas decor each year.  By looking back at my past photos I made a discovery. In my quest to be frugal, I've become a little shabby.  Shabby chic that is.  Looking through past years' holiday photos I discovered my first attempts, at shabby Christmas decor. And it's not all bad.     The photos... not so great.  But the shabby Christmas decor... pretty nice (if I say so myself).  You see that year, like most, I just snapped a few photos of my decor for posterity. Mostly so I'd remember what I did.  It's always been a … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I confess... usually I have plenty of plans made by this time... but I don't necessarily do well in the execution department unless I get all the details prepared a week in advance.  Let's just say someone might have had a meltdown. One thing I like to do is have my table planned out and set ahead of time.  For me, that is an important detail that gives me a lot of peace and joy. This year I created an Oak Leaf  Thanksgiving Menu Frame for the buffet.     You can read all the details at Mod Podge Rocks.   And speaking of Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

    This fall I gathered a plethora of acorns on my walks at the local park.  I've never seen such a variety of sizes and styles and browns in acorns.  Of course, I probably never took the time to look before.  This year in my quest to decorate on less than a dime, I turned to Mother Nature.  And oh my... did she provide an abundance. I wanted to create a centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table setting.  I had already made lovely oak leaf chargers, so I did what we all do when we want inspiration, I popped over to Pinterest.  While I was looking at pretty tablescapes, I saw an acorn basket … [Read more...]

 Please … “Pin-it” – Share it on Facebook – Stumble it! My friend mentioned to me that there just had to be something she could do with the garbage can filled with acorns she had just raked up from her yard...aside from starting an oak forest.   You too? Recently, I shared the first of several upcoming ideas for creating home decor with acorns here.     Can you imagine living in a virtual oak forest and never having crafted anything with acorns?  [guilty] This year...I'm making up for lost time.  There's a county park within walking distance and I've filled up a couple of bags of … [Read more...]

This year I have enjoyed playing with nature's elements. You might remember my pampas grass wreath here, my grapevine wreath decorated with privet berries and colorful leaves here, or my oak leaf branches here. These are all items that get pruned, raked up, composted, or burned.  But for me, they have been a treasure for creating woodland home decor.     Winterberry is my new favorite for Christmas decor. Actually it isn't a new favorite, it's just that Michigan has more wetlands than either New York or Pennsylvania where I lived for the past 13 years, and it's been that long since … [Read more...]

  Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? Usually, we gather with friends and family we rarely see and enjoy those foods we only eat at Thanksgiving. If I'm hosting the meal, I put almost as much effort into creating a beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape as I do the meal.     I have to admit, for me, it isn't all about the food.  Though I have shared a few recipes that would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving menu.  My Far East Celery is crunchy and light and makes a perfect accompaniment to turkey and stuffing.  Or a true fall dish that you can enjoy as a salad or … [Read more...]

I know...I've been an awful tease. First I gathered some pine cones, made them pop! and told you they were for a wreath. Then, I decorated the mantel with a sweater vase filled with pampas grass and peacock feathers and mentioned the wreath. And if you saw some of my posts on Facebook, you probably feel doubly teased. Maybe you were beginning to wonder if you would ever see this wreath.   Today is the day for unveiling my Pampas Grass Wreath embellished with pine cones and peacock feathers. So without further ado....drum roll please...     I love that nature provided … [Read more...]