Last week I was doing a fair amount of contemplation regarding this space and decided to share a few of my thoughts with you.  It was one of those "streams of consciousness" kinds of posts.  Sometimes it's helpful to process our thoughts with others.  Sometimes it's helpful to simply write those thoughts down.  As I wrote, I surprised myself by writing this... But even more… I want to thrive.  I want YOU to thrive. I also created a printable with a thoughtful quote I found. The post went live, and I shared it on Facebook.  End of story. Not really. Shelly, a faithful member of our An Extraordinary Day … [Read more...]

It's Saturday night. Our time to worship HIM.   Worship.  It's about Him.  It's not about me.  The congregation sings a song I know so well.  A song I sang with the kids' worship team at my old church. It seems that every other week lately we've been singing a song to which "my" kids and I made up motions and led a multitude of other children in singing worship to our great God. "My" kids because I loved them (still do).   "My" kids, because we were a team.   A family.  We celebrated, cried, prayed, and had fun together.  We had the best of times every Wednesday night and Sunday … [Read more...]

Love. I want it.  You want it. More than anything in this world... We. Want. To. Be. Loved. Joy!   We are loved. You are loved.  I am loved. We are loved by the God of the universe. Each of us individually. We are his creation. We are his treasure. Oh... How He Loves Us. Art.  Beautifully created by Chrissie Grace. It's my prayer today. {Chrissie Grace}   Will you make it yours?     Want to feel and know love? My heart was moved by this. Please listen..... Kim Walker - How He loves us - YouTube. What does it look like to be flooded with HIS … [Read more...]