Can you think of cleaning products in your kitchen that you can't live without? For me, I like chlorine free dishwasher detergent, absorbent dish towels, a natural and pleasant smelling dish soap, and a small pot scraper.  These products may change based on their availability and my budget. But, I don't equivocate when it comes to these two things:  Dobie Cleaning Pads and Bon Ami Powder Cleanser .  They are in constant use in my kitchen.  Honestly, I prefer these brands over other nylon scrubbies and powdered cleaners.     A question I hear from my Longaberger customers is: "How do I … [Read more...]

It's leaf peeping time! Right now the trees are just beginning to turn color.  It's my favorite time of (F)all.  The mostly green leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the riot of yellows, oranges, and reds.  I'm sure you'll's extraordinary!!     Just a few days ago, I spied these leaves when out for a walk and shared about it here.   But there's more to the story.  Several of you have commented that some of those leaves looked almost unreal.  They certainly were striking.  And I'm certain that I've never seen any quite like them.  So, when I finished my photo session with the … [Read more...]

When you have a busy day of projects around the house and you don't want to fuss in the kitchen...what do you cook?     My favorite go-to meal is Ridiculously Easy Roasted Chicken! Served up with yams or sweet potatoes and a veggie....nothing could be simpler and more perfect for a hearty appetite.  Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery is the key ingredient for a sumptuous yet easy meal. Longaberger has been an important part of my life for a long time. I love the baskets and pottery so much that I became a Longaberger Consultant.  But, don't worry...I'm not pushy, or selly, or annoying.  At least … [Read more...]