I have one of those rooms that many just dream about.  A Studio. That's what I call it.  Most would call it a craft room. A tiny 9x9 room in my house that is totally dedicated to my love of papercrafting. I have dropped hints that I might show it to you.  Some time. And all these months later...I'm pretty certain that you wondered if I even had a craft room.  Um.  Studio. So without further ado.... Welcome to my Studio!  Ahem.  Craft Room.     May I offer you a glass of ice water, lemonade, or lightly  sweetened tea?   Let's begin our tour of this modest … [Read more...]

   ~~  An Extraordinary Day now has its own Facebook page!  ~~ ~~  Please take a second now to click the icon on the right and “Like” our page!  ~~   Did I ever tell you that I used to weave baskets? What a great art to learn.  I pretty much gave away every basket I crafted for gifts, I might have three or four left.  During that time I was introduced to Longaberger....a basket woven of hardwood maple, unlike mine that were made of reed.  I was smitten.  My creations were beautiful, but they were not capable of the abuse, nor of holding all the weight a Longaberger basket can hold.   This … [Read more...]

Recently we painted the trim in our great room and sun room.  That was quite a project!!  Have you ever noticed that when a room undergoes a dramatic transformation, everything in the room also undergoes a bit of a transformation?  What is it with us?     For the past year I've been living large in a 1,000 square foot home. My piano...which my parents purchased for me when I was just 4 years old...is a major player in the great room.  (Haha...I love it when I'm accidentally funny!)   It has a wonderful mantel-like top which allows for some fun displays or vignettes.  Although I was a … [Read more...]

Day 18   One of my new friends came to my home for a visit.  While she was here I shared with her a few projects I have on the back burner.  It was good to get a little feedback.  Sometimes a gal just needs to know she hasn't jumped off into the deep end.  I'm just teasing...sorta.  While we were walking around I took her to the sun room where I recently hung a favorite seasonal wall hanging.  I mentioned that in this small house I have limited wall space, but really wanted to put up that bit of artwork.  One day I realized that it would fit perfectly over one of the windows between my (mini) great room … [Read more...]

When you hear the word wedding                          what immediately comes to mind... Prince charming and his fairy tale princess vowing to love each other, dancing the night away, and finally stepping into their coach on their way to living happily ever after? Perhaps your mind goes to the expense and planning and expense and details and expense which consume the engaged couple for a year or two or more? We know that many weddings don't fit either of those categories. But, we do know that every couple wants to have a wedding day that is memorable. And maybe even a bit … [Read more...]

  One of my favorite baskets is the Longaberger Picnic Basket. I ordered mine way back in 1992.  I know because the weaver signed and dated the bottom of the basket.   Let me be right up front with you. I'm going to tell you all the reasons I'm in love with this basket.  And the reason I'm doing it, because it's a retired basket and not in the regular Longaberger line.  However, it is being offered as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE from Noon EDT to Midnight - Wednesday, September 5th.  Also, I am not planning to be all selly on this blog.  occasionally I will let you know about something Longaberger that I … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago I did a bit of entertaining. As I was preparing my home I looked around and thought, "That 4th of July decor has got to go!"   I had been noticing it.  It was sort of sticking out like a sore thumb.  But, if no one was coming over, I could put it off.  And I did.  It's not like I didn't have a plan up my sleeve.  For nearly two months I've been wanting to get out my old blue canning jars and play around with them.  Finally I did. My guests came. My guests left.  And the clouds came and I didn't take any pictures.  I need a sunny day in order to make pretty photographs for you with my pocket … [Read more...]

  Earlier this summer, as the ferns were pushing up their lovely fiddleheads I was smitten.     When the trees filled out, I discovered that my yard was enveloped in shade.   Mostly.  Cool, peaceful shade.  As I came to realize that flowers were not to be major players in my gardens, my eye was continually drawn to ferns.  Especially the giant Ostrich Ferns. When you walk a woodland path, do you find a swath of ferns cool and restful?  Is there something about them that rejuvenates your spirit?   Don't you wish that you could have that feeling every day?   Here are some … [Read more...]

Are you getting excited for the 4th of July?   Yes, I am.  This week I plan to do a little flag waving. At this point, I still can't find my small American Flags (Which box from the move are they still hiding in?).  But we do have Old Glory flying on the front of our house. Today I discovered an old bolt of American Flag ribbon.  (A garage sale cast-off!)  After staring at it for a few minutes, there were fireworks.  Haha, just a little creative thinking going on in my heard.  I started playing around with the ribbon and came up with not just one wreath, but TWO!! After all the fun of making the … [Read more...]

When you have a busy day of projects around the house and you don't want to fuss in the kitchen...what do you cook?     My favorite go-to meal is Ridiculously Easy Roasted Chicken! Served up with yams or sweet potatoes and a veggie....nothing could be simpler and more perfect for a hearty appetite.  Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery is the key ingredient for a sumptuous yet easy meal. Longaberger has been an important part of my life for a long time. I love the baskets and pottery so much that I became a Longaberger Consultant.  But, don't worry...I'm not pushy, or selly, or annoying.  At least … [Read more...]