Is chalkboard art still popular? Or has it already become yesterday's news?   Seriously....I have no idea.  But, sometimes what I was in love with last year needs to stay in last year. Then again....sometimes I don't care.  Actually most of the time I don't care. If I love it...whatever "it" is...."it" hangs around until I get tired of "it." Yeah...pretty much forever. [wink]   Last summer I had a bazillion projects going on at one time. And while I was supposed to be packing for a move, I finished up my laundry room with more than just this laundry room chalkboard … [Read more...]

I'm so excited to share the Laundry Room Makeover Reveal with you!!     Some of you may have been impatient with me as I shared my laundry room makeover in bits and pieces.  It all started last summer and then finally a few weeks ago, I made up for lost time. Have you ever wanted to makeover a room, but had no funds in your account? Don't let that stop you.  My zero budget forced me to get creative with what I had around my house and proved to me, once again, that I don't need to let the lack of money prevent me from making my home extraordinary. My laundry room makeover was a fun … [Read more...]

  When you live in an older home, circa 1950, with a basement laundry area, you just might not have all those wonderful modern, out-of-sight hook-ups for the washer and dryer. So what's a gal to do when she doesn't like looking at the vent and the water faucets? Create a cute laundry room skirt to hide the "unmentionables."   It really is an easy solution.  And a pretty cute one too!!   Last year, I happened upon a bag of miscellaneous fabrics for $1 at the thrift store.  It was truly a mixed bag.  When I decided to create a skirt to hide the "unmentionables" in my laundry … [Read more...]

  Hello, my name is Diane and I am enamored with chalkboard art. Chalkboards and chalk and I go way back. Last year at Christmas, I tried my hand at creating some chalkboard art.  It wasn't magazine worthy by any stretch. However, that did not stop me from attempting to create some laundry room chalkboard art. [wink]     You see I have this little laundry room makeover that I started last summer.  And because I'm a finisher, I decided it was high time that I get the project done.  So I started with giving you, and me, the ultimate inspiration, including a 'before' picture. … [Read more...]

  It's been a busy week, but the laundry room makeover is almost complete! And today I'm going to show you some of the art that I created for my laundry room decor.     As you come down the stairs and turn to the left, this wall is the focal point of the laundry area, here's the before shot.  Because I wanted the area to look whimsical and inviting to do laundry, I decided on my zero budget to create art for my laundry room decor with what I had on hand; some clothespins, black cardstock, leftover paint, and a thrift store find.     My laundry room decor began … [Read more...]

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. Some household tasks are never done. Especially laundry.   Photo snapped by my living in the country & loving it friend. Laundry Do you love it or hate it?   Not long ago we had some work done in our basement.  You may remember my unpleasant experience with the digging machine.  When that work was nearly completed I decided that I wanted to throw some paint on the walls in my laundry room.  Ahem, closet.  The washer and dryer were out of their tiny space and so it seemed that as the cement flooring was drying I should seize the day.  Or in this case, … [Read more...]