EASY and almost FREE... Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Ideas   It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  Out of desperation, I created some cute kitchen cabinet organizers for almost free using common items from around the house.     Chaos may seem like a strong word to describe my kitchen cabinets. You know the feeling.  You're cooking dinner and need one more herb or spice and before you know it, you've pulled out half of the little bottles looking for the RIGHT one!  The counter is covered in seasoning containers while you hurry … [Read more...]

  Is your kitchen the work horse of your house?   Is it the place where your family hangs out? Is it the homework station or craft station? Is it the dropping ground for everything from mail to hand tools? Or is your kitchen your hangout, the place where your creativity goes wild?   William Hefner    On my  An Extraordinary Day Facebook page I regularly post kitchen photos. I seem to be a bit obsessed with kitchens lately.  Maybe it's because I have a kitchen that mostly works, but isn't my style.  Maybe it's because my kitchen is the smallest kitchen I've ever had.  Maybe it's … [Read more...]