Yesterday I felt off... all day. Kind of like the black clouds of doom hiding the most brilliant sunset ever.     My neck didn't feel right, my head didn't feel right.  When I went to the store I felt like I was going disappear into thin air, I was tired from doing little, and doing the things I love to do left me empty. And it didn't help that the sun has refused to shine for more days than I can count and though it's fall, when I walk outside it feels more like winter. Maybe you've had days or weeks like that?     This morning as I was having tea … [Read more...]

    Today we were walking through one of the big home improvement stores when we heard a nearby forklift call attention to its presence with a "beep beep."  Something we never give another thought to hearing.  But, right in front of us, walking down the aisle, was a mom pushing a shopping cart with two small children.  A little girl seated in the front of the cart started calling out, "Beep Beep!"  "Beep Beep!" as her mom pushed her towards the checkouts. My husband heard the little girl and brought her beep beeps to my attention.  He had the biggest grin on his face. There's something … [Read more...]

  Do you start your day with a spring in your step and a happy expression on your face? Maybe you find yourself plodding through the day with a fake smile awkwardly affixed to cover what you're really feeling? No matter where you are on the spectrum, I'm sure you want to know... How to Put More Joy in Your Day     Each week here at An Extraordinary Day we observe JoyDay! For six years I've chatted with you about joy and living a joy-filled life.  But, what I haven't done is put some of those thoughts together in one spot so that you would have an easy reference point when you … [Read more...]

  Do you remember seeing a movie where the butler walked into a room holding a silver platter upon which there was a slip of paper for someone in the room? At that moment when the butler offered the note and the recipient took the paper, everyone else seemed to pause. Trying to fain disinterest, others in the room were keenly interested to learn what was on the paper and how the individual would respond. The slip of paper required a response.     Each day we are presented with all numerous things that require our response. We could call them silver platter opportunities. … [Read more...]

  While on Facebook, of all places, I was prodded to change my outlook. I read a phrase that stuck with me. Forget talking about your troubles. Talking about our troubles is a bad habit for most of us.  It's what we do. So if we can't talk about our troubles...what do we do? Celebrate our joys!     I have a good friend that I chat with irregularly via email.  At this time in our lives it's the best form of communication.  It's efficient.  When we get the chance to talk on the's a looooong talk.  And we usually don't have time to do that very often. Today I … [Read more...]

  Does it seem crazy to think that we can have the same joy as Jesus? It does... but Jesus told us we will be as joyful as he is. Not could be. We will be. I have told you this so that you will be as joyful as I am, and your joy will be complete. ~ Jesus John 15:11 GW   I don't know about you... but I really would like to live a life of joy. What do you think it would look like to live a life of joy? Maybe we should start with the definition...   For one it might be to be happy all the time, singing, humming, wearing a smile continuously. For another it might be a … [Read more...]

How many times has a good friend asked you how you were and you found yourself telling her some of your troubles? It's something we all do...especially when that friend is someone whom we trust. I don't think letting someone know that you're struggling with your child, or your job, or your health is a bad thing.  Not at all.  In fact, unless I know that you're dealing with something that needs prayer....I can't pray specifically about it for you.     Do you think it would make any difference if instead of talking about our troubles, we would tell people about our joys? You're at … [Read more...]

Joy Joy is my word of the year. Joy is in my tagline, A Place of Joy and Inspiration. Joy Day! is a special day on the blog each week. Joy is something I strive for and desire for you.   How about we spread Christmas JOY all over our homes?     Today I have a fun roundup of ideas I've been seeing around the blogosphere that are joy-worthy for your home. So without further ado... Here's some Christmas Joy for you...   I love the simplicity of a frame hanging around letters hung directly on the wall. This entire mantel design has such a wonderful textural … [Read more...]

  10 Happy Things!   The color yellow Vintage blue Ball Mason jars Going for a walk, camera in hand, with my husband A cat laying across my arms as I attempt to type on my laptop REAL hot chocolate A surprise note in the mail Knowing I really can trust God Hanging out with one of my dear friends - girl time Flowers Sunshine on my back on a cool day   It's my birthday today! Help me celebrate by sharing your 10 Happy Things. I dare you!! It's An Extraordinary Day! Diane I'd be delighted if you'd share the extraordinary goodness here with your friends by clicking … [Read more...]

  "With all my heart I praise the Lord." These words were penned by David in the Book of Psalms.     Can I say them and mean it? What does it mean to praise God with all my heart?   I'm not exactly sure.  But I think it begins with emptying myself of all the stuff in my life. In order to do that, I must stop my body and quiet my mind....put my agenda and cares aside. All that so I there's only me and HIM.  And only then can I fully be in the moment to praise HIM.   Read David's words... With all my heart I praise the Lord, and with all that I am I … [Read more...]

  I finally settled on my word for the year...      Joy.   If you read my previous Joy Day! post you already know that. And so I thought it would be fun to show you how I put together this little Wintry Wall Vignette over my sideboard and share a little more of the behind the scenes meaning.  Plus, a brief tutorial! Ready?!     The JOY Basket. Last year during the Christmas season I created this basket of joy.  This year I didn't have a place for it.   After all the gold and glitz of Christmas got put away, I came across the joy basket again and propped it up on … [Read more...]

[An Extraordinary Day now has its own Facebook page!   Please take a second now to click the icon on the right and "Like" our page!]   Many of us are going through something right now.   If we aren't, then most likely someone we are close to needs our support.  That something might be a job loss like what we are experiencing at our house.  It could be physical or emotional illness, a challenging relationship or a break in a relationship, finances, even death.  The journey is difficult.  And my words sometimes seem empty.   One thing I know for sure.....     This is true. … [Read more...]

  The blog has been pretty quiet this past week. The week began with a Joy Day! post.  We welcomed 2013 with a prayer by The Reverend Billy Graham.  I then hinted at my quietness when I invited you to join me in Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare, the following day.  So many times I wanted to write here, but just didn't have the right words.     Today, I still don't know that I have the right words.  But, my mind is camped on this scripture verse... God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1 And then it is interesting to me that if we continue to read the … [Read more...]

  Do you have any regrets from 2012? I know that is a silly question.  I'm guessing that most of us have a regret or two. One of mine is that I started Ann Voskamp's "Joy Dare" last February and was mostly faithful to it, most of the time.  (Please click the link to learn more.)  Maybe you have been well-intentioned like that too.    And then when my computer crashed...well that was the end of my little online journaling of gifts.  I must say, that it has been one of the best things I have ever done, along with reading Ann's book,  One Thousand Gifts.     This is a New Year...and … [Read more...]

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining, It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth. Long lay the world in sin and error pining. Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth. A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices! O night divine, the night when Christ was born; O night, O Holy Night , O night divine! O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!* Let us kneel down and worship our King! Christmas Joy to you!   Love,         Diane *The words and lyrics of the old carol 'O Holy Night' … [Read more...]

It's Saturday night. Our time to worship HIM.   Worship.  It's about Him.  It's not about me.  The congregation sings a song I know so well.  A song I sang with the kids' worship team at my old church. It seems that every other week lately we've been singing a song to which "my" kids and I made up motions and led a multitude of other children in singing worship to our great God. "My" kids because I loved them (still do).   "My" kids, because we were a team.   A family.  We celebrated, cried, prayed, and had fun together.  We had the best of times every Wednesday night and Sunday … [Read more...]

 Joy Day!    A day to say to God, "How awesome are your deeds!"     Shout with joy to God, all the earth!           Sing the glory of his name;           make his praise glorious! Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds!" Psalm 66:1-3a     The Bible tells us that God created us in his image.     Have you ever attempted to explain that concept to a child?   The best way I know to do that is to stand her in front of a mirror and ask her to tell me what she sees.  Inevitably she'll say..."I see me." That reflection we see in the mirror is our image.  It's … [Read more...]