Hope. I can actually say I have hope.     The only reason I can say that is because... This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.  Hebrews 6:19 (NLT) Maybe you're familiar with this verse. One day as I was standing on the dock taking photos in the early morning light, it came to mind, and I had this peace wash over me. No matter what happens each day, my anchor is the Lord.   If you're familiar with this verse... do you realize that there is a second part to the verse?   Here's the second sentence in the verse... It leads us through the … [Read more...]

It's Joy Day!   Time to hit the 'reset' button for our week.   Time for refreshment.     Today, I was reminded that God does make everything beautiful in its time. I filled my window box today with little Impatiens from a flat of four packs from the garden center.   They look small and overwhelmed by their large container.  Yet...soon they will grow and they will overwhelm their container. A phone call reminded me of a friend who has been struggling to find purpose.  Today she is beginning the first steps in a dance with her calling and passion.  Soon, God will do a good … [Read more...]