Our #InspiredFallNesting series is coming to a close. And though I usually focus on the "pretty" of life...today we'll wrap things up with some practical Fall Nesting tips. It's great to pull out the colors of Fall and add pumpkins and gourds to the mix.  But, if things fall on our heads when we open closet and cabinet doors, oh my!   With Fall upon us, along with longer nights, shorter days, and cooler weather....now is the time to get things organized.     Last Fall, as part of my 31 Extraordinary Days series, I shared some organizational ideas I used in my kitchen that helped me in a really … [Read more...]

Autumn has unofficially arrived! Each morning I get up in the dark and sit with my chair facing the window to the East, drinking my Chai, and drinking in the quiet and HIS "still small voice." The nearby fields are coloring golden and heavy with dew as that first light magnifies in each tiny droplet. What a contrast from last Fall in the mountains of Pennsylvania where the day begins shrouded in fog. I am seizing the beauty around me in this new season of my life....and the year.     One of the things about Fall Nesting is the aromas.  I love it when my husband comes home and says, … [Read more...]

Maybe you've seen it as you've cruised around blogland. Jennifer Rizzo hosted a blogger party where seven gals each took a room in their home and over three days, made over one room, decorating it three ways.  There have been some amazing transformations! The series concludes with an invitation to all who wish to link up their transformed rooms. As you can no doubt imagine.  I was pretty much inspired to jump on this bandwagon. My sunroom was languishing.  The weather has been really warm, and the only frequenters of said room are the cats.  The  temperature in the sunroom might have been pushing 80 … [Read more...]

Lovely Lunaria as a Cut Flower     A corner of our backyard has the popular dried flower, Honesty.  Sometimes it is also referred to as the Money Plant.  It often has a weedy appearance in the garden.  But, this year the color was especially stunning.  You might describe it as a deep magenta purple.  On a whim I decided to cut two stems and bring them inside. A small cut-crystal vintage bud vase was the chosen vessel for this loveliness.  There are lots of side stems on this regal-colored plant.  I cut the side shoots off the main stem and had many pretty … [Read more...]

Recently we painted the trim in our great room and sun room.  That was quite a project!!  Have you ever noticed that when a room undergoes a dramatic transformation, everything in the room also undergoes a bit of a transformation?  What is it with us?     For the past year I've been living large in a 1,000 square foot home. My piano...which my parents purchased for me when I was just 4 years old...is a major player in the great room.  (Haha...I love it when I'm accidentally funny!)   It has a wonderful mantel-like top which allows for some fun displays or vignettes.  Although I was a … [Read more...]

Day 30 There's no doubt about it.  This has been the year of pumpkins. You might remember when I shared my excitement and pumpkin blessing here.   Prior to my blessing I had made up my mind that I was just going to try to be creative with the things I had in my house, and the little bits of fall stored in my "Fall Decor" box. I had pretty much thumbed my nose to anything from the Fall Decor Store.  Of course that's easy to do when shopping the aisles of the Fall Decor Store is not an option.   I was enjoying the challenge until I experienced Pumpkins from Heaven!    Do you hear the … [Read more...]

Day 12   A year ago today the movers pulled up to our house and loaded all our worldly possessions onto their long blue and white truck.  In the midst of a driving (make that...monsoon) rainstorm.  How everything did not arrive all wet and moldy is a mystery. After a good sleep, we pulled out-of-town with the cats and drove to our new home.  One of the first things I was excited to do at my new house was to fill the front window box.  With pumpkins.  But, there was no time, or extra money, for plumping with pumpkins.  Instead we were on a mission to clean, and paint several rooms, before the … [Read more...]

Day 4   “I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne~     When the autumn skies are mostly blue and the sun is shining I want to be outside?  How about you? Do you do any fall fluffing in your outdoor spaces?     As I attempt to live more fully, more intentionally, I find myself taking time to make inviting  outdoor spots.  Such as the addition of a pillow to a chair.  Rearranging the seating in the fall to take advantage of the sun's warmth.  Or even bringing a little decor...which is often … [Read more...]

Fresh-Picked Pumpkins in our Home Decor   What did you do today? Me?  I had one of those very fun girlfriend kind of days. The kind where you both pick up pumpkins, go back to her house and create a magical moment with your stash?  Yes, one splendid day. And what a nice afternoon it was.  The temperature was perfect.  To take advantage of the sunshine, we flew out to her patio and engaged in the grown-up version of playing Barbies.  Only we used fresh-picked pumpkins in our home decor.  Did I tell you we had fun? We arranged a little sitting area and filled it in with all kinds of fall … [Read more...]

This morning, after watering and fertilizing my porch pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets, I took a stroll around my "garden." Really all I have is a rolling, bumpy, rough-around-the-edges yard.  It isn't really a garden, yet.  Though I do have a small but lovely island of various Sedums, Euphorbia, Goat's Beard, Iris, and Geranium in the middle of my backyard. In the back corner, someone, long ago, had a garden.  I've pulled multitudes of weeds from that corner, leaving behind strawberry plants which I had hoped would bear lots of fat juice red berries.  Ha!  Unfortunately they are not that kind of … [Read more...]

  One of my favorite baskets is the Longaberger Picnic Basket. I ordered mine way back in 1992.  I know because the weaver signed and dated the bottom of the basket.   Let me be right up front with you. I'm going to tell you all the reasons I'm in love with this basket.  And the reason I'm doing it, because it's a retired basket and not in the regular Longaberger line.  However, it is being offered as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE from Noon EDT to Midnight - Wednesday, September 5th.  Also, I am not planning to be all selly on this blog.  occasionally I will let you know about something Longaberger that I … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago I did a bit of entertaining. As I was preparing my home I looked around and thought, "That 4th of July decor has got to go!"   I had been noticing it.  It was sort of sticking out like a sore thumb.  But, if no one was coming over, I could put it off.  And I did.  It's not like I didn't have a plan up my sleeve.  For nearly two months I've been wanting to get out my old blue canning jars and play around with them.  Finally I did. My guests came. My guests left.  And the clouds came and I didn't take any pictures.  I need a sunny day in order to make pretty photographs for you with my pocket … [Read more...]

Pinterest.  It's a virtual pin board for ideas discovered on the internet. For some people it's easier than ripping pages out of magazine.  Some people love it.  Some say it's a time suck.  Some use it to steal ideas and take the credit for someone else's creativity.  Others say that it makes them envious or covetous.  And still others use it for business gain.  Whew!  Who knew a virtual pinboard could create so much passion? And here's an interesting fact.  Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the United States.   The question I have for you is this.  Are you … [Read more...]