This post is a partnership with All opinions are entirely my own.  Have you ever been invited to someone's home for "the big game" and once it was game time, the blinds came down and the curtains were drawn so that everyone could see the TV without glare?   My good friends did that very thing.  Their room started to feel closed in and cave-like. It was like being in another world.  Quickly I had no idea what the day was like outside the windows, it felt like night inside, just so we could watch the game. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those gals who prefers not to have anything at her … [Read more...]

You've just moved into a 70's house with flocked wallpaper in your main hallway.  What do you do? I know this didn't require a moment of thought... "Strip it off, as fast as possible!" Now, I know that not everyone subscribes to that thought.  I know someone who didn't want to deal with stripping flocked paper off the lath walls of her old farmhouse, so she painted it.  The pattern was subtle and it worked for her dining room.  But...I digress.     My good friend tackled the flocked wallpaper challenge and won!  After countless hours of stripping away that ugly old wallpaper, she had … [Read more...]

  Getting together with friends is one of the most challenging things about long distance moves. Living five to nine hours away from each other means we stay connected via Facebook, email, and of course, by phone. But, there's nothing better than being face-to-face, is there?     Recently I was able to spend some time with a dear long-time friend. After getting into town, I joined her and her family for breakfast.  After a delicious breakfast of baked stuffed raisin bread french toast, we covered three coastal towns and visited some of her favorite thrift shops, enjoyed … [Read more...]

   ~~  An Extraordinary Day now has its own Facebook page!  ~~ ~~  Please take a second now to click the icon on the right and “Like” our page!  ~~   Did I ever tell you that I used to weave baskets? What a great art to learn.  I pretty much gave away every basket I crafted for gifts, I might have three or four left.  During that time I was introduced to Longaberger....a basket woven of hardwood maple, unlike mine that were made of reed.  I was smitten.  My creations were beautiful, but they were not capable of the abuse, nor of holding all the weight a Longaberger basket can hold.   This … [Read more...]