Who knew a visit to a Country Market would be so much fun?     Locals have been telling us all about their "wonderful" version of a farmers'/crafters' market.  Shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I grew up in a town where we had one of the biggest farmers' markets in the country.  I was spoiled.  Every kind of fresh produce and plant was available every Wednesday and Saturday. This morning the Country Market opened at 8 AM.  We arrived at 7:58.  Lines of cars were turning in to the parking area.  The crowd had already begun to assemble.  Anticipation filled the … [Read more...]

It's Joy Day!   Time to hit the 'reset' button for our week.   Time for refreshment.     Today, I was reminded that God does make everything beautiful in its time. I filled my window box today with little Impatiens from a flat of four packs from the garden center.   They look small and overwhelmed by their large container.  Yet...soon they will grow and they will overwhelm their container. A phone call reminded me of a friend who has been struggling to find purpose.  Today she is beginning the first steps in a dance with her calling and passion.  Soon, God will do a good … [Read more...]

This morning the sun was shining,         the birds were singing,                  and my heart was filled with joy.   What a great start to the day!     Maybe your day didn't begin like that.  Actually mine didn't either.  I woke up to grayness and fog.  But soon the sun broke through and now, I'm reveling in the beauty of the day.  I've forgotten about the gray.  I'm living in the sun (Son).  That is how I can say, "What a great start to the day!" My friend, that's what happens when we count our blessings. If you're new here, last week I put out this challenge: Take the Joy … [Read more...]