Who could use a little extra CASH? I see that hand! This week I'm joining up with some blogging buddies to give away $450!!! Enter below and be sure to share the giveaway with your friends! There are lots of chances to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... What's that Delightful Fragrance You're Wearing? | It's JoyDay! Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party Features: 11 Ideas to Creatively Recycle and Repurpose Items for Your Home Stop back during the week for more extraordinary goodness. Be sure to head over to see … [Read more...]

Today is a special day for An Extraordinary Day!   To begin... let's go back a few years.  After losing my job in 2009, I suddenly had more free time than I was accustomed to having.  So as I was preparing to host a fall open house for my Longaberger business, I decided to go online and do a little exploring for fall decorating ideas. Spending time online was not new to me, quite the contrary.  Usually I spent my time online researching things for children's ministry, or nutrition.  Important stuff. [wink] I had never even thought about exploring the interwebs for home decor ideas.  That bright fall day … [Read more...]

I received the same Ball® Jars being given away.  All opinions are my own.   Did you know that I absolutely LOVE mason jars? Back before they were popular, my aunt, when downsizing gave me a few boxes filled with vintage Ball® jars.  I thought it was the best gift ever, and used them to decorate my sweet saltbox.  Several moves later, the jars were popping up all over the place and I found them among my boxes and started using them here and here. As much as I love those vintage Ball jars, my heart would pitter-patter whenever I spied an amethyst or purple mason jar.  However, I never saw one in … [Read more...]

How would you like to make your holidays brighter?   I'm so excited to be able to give you the opportunity to  win a $250 Visa gift card courtesy of BlueMountain.com.  Click here to enter.  Someone is going to be super blessed!     Last week my friend Melanie linked up a Christmas post to Project Inspire{d} that touched my heart.  She talked about how much she had to do for Christmas, how her decor wasn't really blog/magazine worthy, and then she shared this... My old, plastic light-up nativity set may seem cheap to some, but my kids absolutely love it. They spend time … [Read more...]

Just reading the words, "holiday entertaining" makes some people start to sweat.   Whether you're a pro or struggling to get it together to host a small party, here are...   7 Tips for Stress Free Holiday Entertaining   One ::  The gathering is not about YOU... it's about your guests. Whether you've been entertaining for years or you've been trying for years to get enough gumption to invite friends to your home...remember the party is not about you.  It's not about how good your cooking is or isn't.  It's not about how beautiful your home is or isn't.  It's not about the size of your … [Read more...]

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror.  You too?  Each time I glanced at my reflection I hoped that my appearance would improve.  Maybe it was because we had some pretty big mirrors in our house, or maybe it was because as a tween, my parents sent me to charm school at the local department store, but between there and home, I got the message that my physical appearance as well as the way I carried myself were important. At charm school, we learned how to sit and stand and even model pretty outfits for the store's style show.  We learned about fashion, the best name brands, how to … [Read more...]

My friend Jennifer Carroll who blogs at Celebrating Everyday Life has just finished the Anniversary Edition of her extraordinary magazine, Celebrating Everyday Life.  It's chock full of the most amazing eye candy, recipes, crafts, home decor, and even a fabulous interview. Here's a sneak peek of some of the deliciousness that awaits you! Pretty amazing...wouldn't you agree? I hope you will purchase your fabulous copy here. Did you enter my 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway from DaySpring? Be sure to pop over now....the giveaway closes Tuesday at 9 PM EDT. And now...on to our party!  Mary Beth … [Read more...]

Can you believe that it is already my.... I can hardly believe it!  These have been the fastest two years in history! Who knew when I first pressed "Publish" on April 29th, 2012 that we would be where we are today? Many of my hopes and dreams have been realized.  But, if you know me....I press ahead to make the blog and this space on the web even more meaningful and fruitful.  And truly I am amazed that even in this "in between" we are growing together in so many ways.   Thank you for being here, for taking time to comment and share bits of your life here, too.   Your encouragement … [Read more...]

What a great week! I've had so much fun sharing Fall Nesting ideas with you the past 12 days! We're nearing the close of our 14 day #InspiredFallNesting series, but, that doesn't mean the fun has to end.... I'm excited to announce the perfect Fall Giveaway! My sweet and inspiring friend, Denise wrote a terrific Kindle book: Autumn Bliss - Over 200 ways to celebrate the Fall Harvest Season through faith, home, and family a "Family Celebration series" It's filled with delicious recipes, memory-making activities to do with family and friends, autumn nesting and home decor ideas, and underlying it … [Read more...]

This is just the second day in our #InspiredFallNesting series. When I decided to embark on this series it was a very big step for me.  As I am living in the "inbetween" and not my own home, I wondered if I could really do this.  And then I thought, "Why not?!"   BHG   This is not going to be a show-off series.  It won't be filled with bunch of my crafty accomplishments.  Or views of my home decor.  But, my gracious friend, will let me do a little playing with her decor.  If all goes as planned, I will share a few recipes and a few updated posts from the past that really only a few people … [Read more...]