Wouldn't you love to bake and Package a Chocolate Valentine's Day Gift  for family and friends using recycled items and things you have on hand? This edition of Make Something from Nothing is all about Valentine's Day Gifts!     Who knew recycled tuna cans and cardboard saltine cracker boxes would help make these adorable and delicious gifts you'll LOVE to give?   Be sure to stay until the end to see the creative gift ideas my friends, Jennifer and Mary Beth are sharing this month too.   What's your love language? Is it receiving gifts, words of … [Read more...]

    Mother's Day comes at one of my most favorite times of the year... flower planting time. If I could give Mom the ultimate gift for her special day, I'd create an English cottage-style garden with a white picket fence filled with all her favorite pretty flowers. It would be so fun to design, shop for, and create. Around Mother's Day all the garden shops and greenhouses are brimming over with the most beautiful flowers and plants of the season.  All that goodness makes my heart swell with joy and anticipation.  I don't know that there is anything I like better than to go greenhouse … [Read more...]

Would you like a great Valentine gift idea that ISN'T red or pink? Skip the Red and Pink with this Bright Valentine Gift Idea I'm so excited to introduce you to my good blogging friend who's here today with an EXTRAORDINARY idea I know you'll love... Light Bulb Valentines Hi, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday here. I am so excited that Diane is letting me share a project on her blog today! Since Valentine's Day is coming up quickly, I thought it would be fun to create some printable valentines and pair them with a small gift. Supplies: Printable Light Bulb Valentines, light bulb vases,* Sixlet … [Read more...]

  Valentine's Day... It seems people fall into three categories:  Love it. Indifferent. Hate it. Like most holidays... we bring baggage to the day that colors the way we see it.  The twist with Valentine's Day is that it's about love and romance.  And others say it's just a commercial holiday that puts pressure on us. Where do you fall on the Valentine's Day continuum? I decided that Valentine's Day is a great time to shower love and kindness on our friends and family. Those who are indifferent or hate the day... I've never seen them protest a thoughtful gift. And the lovers.... they eat up … [Read more...]

Have you noticed it? Hearts and cupids are popping up all over. Well actually I haven't seen any cupids.  Which is okay.  I'm not a fan.  Are you?     As you may know, I'm supposed to be packing.  But, really it is much more fun to pop on here and have a chat with you and share a very easy little idea of mine for heart day.   But, first off I can't resist sharing a few extra bits of inspiring sweetness, also.  Most of these inspirations are quick and easy to create on a budget.   Spreading {Valentine} Joy & Blessing....   Do you enjoy making little sweets to share … [Read more...]

Day 21   This morning I got up early.  Living with a mountain to my East it's darker in the morning than anywhere I've previously lived.  As I looked off in the distance I saw just a glimmer of light where the mountain dips a bit.  Then, I turned away and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  Just a bit later I returned to look out the window.  The clouds were pink and violet as the sun was beginning to rise above the mountain.  It was glorious.  I grabbed my camera and hurried back to the window....     In just those few seconds that it took me to crank open the window, … [Read more...]