You might be surprised to learn this about me... but I rarely go to movies.  In fact, I rarely watch movies on TV. My husband will suggest we go to different movies, but somehow I manage to wiggle my way out of going.  I think it might be because I have to just sit and watch a screen. Asking me to go and sit in a movie theater is like asking me to go sit in a closet for 2 hours.  Yeah, I know, I'm different. All that being said, I do enjoy a good movie. (Up until now, the last movie I watched was Les Mis, which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way.)  You've just got to get me to sit down for … [Read more...]

Spring sprung today! There have been lots of hint of spring.  Glory of the snow, daffodils, and hyacinths have begun to bloom. Just a wee bit of color, until today. Today the thermometer sky-rocketed and forsythia and magnolias of all types have burst into flower.  Even the maple trees have the large red flowers.  It makes my heart sing. And it makes me want to get outside and start playing in the garden. If you haven't already been planning your garden or playing in the dirt, or even if you have, it's time to inspire your green thumb to bloom!   12 Fabulous Garden … [Read more...]

It's rare to hear someone say, "It's the bee's knees." It is, however, a very fun expression. I love whimsy and this expression is whimsy all the way.       Do you like bees? Most people run whenever a bee buzzes by. Me?  I think I just put on these boots. [wink]     Now I must admit that I'm not a fan of yellow jackets and wasps, though I am no entomologist, I don't think wasps are bees.  At least not in my world. Bumble bees of all sizes, and honey bees and their cousins, are frequent visitors to my garden.  And if one chooses to garden, one must make … [Read more...]

Was this past weekend your big "get the yard in shape" working weekend?   Traditionally Memorial Day {Weekend} is when mulch gets spread, shrubs, and lawns get trimmed, flowers get planted, the pool gets opened, and everyone gets ready for summer outdoor fun.  Is that your tradition?  We tend to spend plenty of time "playing" in the yard.  But, gardening and yard work for our family starts as soon as the weather is spring like, and flower planting begins usually around Mother's Day.   This year has been a bit challenging for me, with limited finances, living in a new town, and renting a home. … [Read more...]