When I was growing up I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror.  You too?  Each time I glanced at my reflection I hoped that my appearance would improve.  Maybe it was because we had some pretty big mirrors in our house, or maybe it was because as a tween, my parents sent me to charm school at the local department store, but between there and home, I got the message that my physical appearance as well as the way I carried myself were important. At charm school, we learned how to sit and stand and even model pretty outfits for the store's style show.  We learned about fashion, the best name brands, how to … [Read more...]

Other than going away to college or getting married, have you ever packed up your home, said good-bye to friends and neighbors, and moved far away?     Our first big move was away from our sweet saltbox which we had built and thought would be our forever on earth home.  Nine months ago we made our fifth move.  This time, leaving behind friends we had made over twelve years. This week a man who greeted us and helped unload our moving trucks at our last house came with his wife to visit us in our "new" home.   They were en route to see a U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and decided to take a day, … [Read more...]