To celebrate my blogiversary this week, I'm giving away the fabulous book, "Love the Home You Have."  Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY.   Plus... there's still time to enter the GIVEAWAY for the colorful Ball mason jars and craft supplies. Mother's Day is only a week a way!  I can hardly believe it! If you're looking for some wonderfully refreshing salads and appetizers to serve for Mother's Day Brunch, these will surely a delicious addition to the menu. This time of year I love a great salad and can't wait to give these yummy looking recipes a try. Refreshing Salads and Appetizers   Please … [Read more...]

What's better than getting together with a long-time friend and catching up? Have you noticed that you can be so in the moment that time totally stands still?   That's the way brunch was with my good friend when I visited her. We've been neighbors...bicycling partners...walking partners...decorating partners...and she even reminded me of our brief stint as catering partners.  We even dreamed of  being partners in a B&B. On this particular morning, after spending so many years and miles and miles apart, time seemed to stand still while we enjoyed this delicious brunch she prepared.  Oh … [Read more...]

Actually these may be your great grandma's brownies. Recently I have wanted to make brownies. Not the box kind. And not the kind where the chocolate comes from cocoa powder. I wanted to make brownies made with unsweetened baking chocolate.     Right off I need to confess that I am not a fan of cakes. Brownies are another story though. When I first got married, I thought I was Martha Stewart, that was before I knew who she was. I thought I needed to make everything from scratch.  I was a real-foods health-nut kind of person. But, I liked my brownies.  And … [Read more...]