Do you live in fear? You can stand and face your fear square on with these tips.   When there's a catastrophic event or a tragedy like the horrific school shooting in Florida many of us find fear paralyzes us. Events like this cause parents to hold on tightly to their kids. Students and adults alike are worried about the future and about potential violence entering their smaller worlds, like schools. And this event is just one of many gone awry in our world.   Jesus said in the midst of very tumultuous and troubling times... not entirely unlike … [Read more...]

  Lovely. Floating. Flakes. Gathering. Whiteness. Snowfall.     The other evening we had an unexpected snow at dinner time. Look closely and you can see the large falling snowflakes. It was a magical few hours.   Truly extraordinary!! Supper was ready and I sat down to eat.  However I could not contain myself. It was getting late and the light was getting low.   So, I excused myself from the table, grabbed my camera, and attempted to capture the moment.  The windows which had been locked against the winter winds were cranked open to capture this photo and many more.   Such a … [Read more...]

  Did you wake up this morning with a twinge of anxiety? Do you fear the unknown?   Or maybe you have a fear of the future? Fear.  Most of us are afraid of something at sometime in our lives.  I grapple with it.  I bet you do too.   Think back to when you were a small child. Do you remember a time when you were out in the great big world and mom or dad took hold of your hand to keep you safe? Your small hand nestled inside that larger stronger hand.  Firmly holding on to you.  Did it make you feel protected?  Maybe you were completely unaware that there was any concern for your … [Read more...]