Live An Extraordinary Life   Are you really living? Download your 8x10 Free Printable here.   If you're reading this I'm sure you're living. [wink] However, I'm not talking about whether you're breathing, though I must say, I am grateful for every breath I take.   Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that all we have is this present moment. Yes, we have hope for the next moment, day, week, month, year.  But, in actuality, all we have is this present moment.   Are you in the moment? Or, are you living in the past?  ....recalling missed moments, relational regrets, and a host … [Read more...]

Back in October I wrote a 31-Day Series, "31 Extraordinary Days to Be..." In a nutshell I took us on a journey to learn to Be…  fully and beautifully alive in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.     Each week during the series, I addressed how we could Be...Encouraging. It's always great to be on the receiving end of encouragement.  Some of you are amazingly encouraging and I have been the blessed recipient of your kind words.  Others of us don't come by it naturally, so I put together a list of 52 Practical and Thoughtful Ways to Encourage Others.  Essentially one for each week … [Read more...]

Welcome to Day 26 of 31 Extraordinary Days to Be...  Or...simply: Be... Together, we will learn to Be… to live fully and beautifully in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.  If you missed The Introduction or you'd like to follow the entire series, you can find each post listed here.     “We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love. ” Jean Vanier   Day 26 Challenge:  Because God loves us with an extraordinary love, we too can love others with that same love.  The freedom to be and do comes from receiving his love.  Have … [Read more...]

Welcome to Day 19 of 31 Extraordinary Days to Be...  Or...simply: Be... Together, we will learn to Be… to live fully and beautifully in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.  If you missed The Introduction or you'd like to follow the entire series, you can find each post listed here.     What is it that makes your heart sing?   I love going for a walk in the woods, especially in the fall, camera in hand. There is so much beauty to be seen.  And captured through the camera's lens.     It isn't the walk that makes my heart sing.  It's the stopping. Maybe … [Read more...]

Packing.  Packing.  And more packing. That's our agenda until we get everything packed up and moved. Right now, we have a little more than half our "house" in storage.  Whew!  Three more days to get it finished. I'm just a little bit stressed over the packing.  There's our bedroom, my crafting studio, my Christmas and basket storage areas along with the things in the kitchen we are currently using...yet to be packed up.  [deep breath]  I have too much stuff.  I think you already knew that. [wink]  If it comes to mind....your prayers mean so much. Everyone is gifted.  But most people never open their … [Read more...]

This week I came across this quote:     The true genius lies not in doing the extraordinary things, but in doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. ~ Major General Louis H. Wilson   When I came across this quote I truly felt that it spoke of my heart.  Not that I am any genius.  Far from it.   But, I truly believe that every day  we can do very ordinary things in an ordinary, ho hum kind of way, or we can do those ordinary things extraordinarily well. As much as I can....I will seek to do the later.   How about you? What is it that 'makes' you will go the … [Read more...]

  Our celebration continues today! Special greetings to Extraordinary YOU   from an Extraordinary blogging friend      and an Extraordinary giveaway!   I'm so honored to have been invited by the lovely Diane, to share a little bit here today for her blog anniversary week!  A little backstory, I first "met" Diane over three years ago when she reached out to me via email, before she even started her blog! And here we are today, celebrating her first year blogging anniversary! That is a milestone I'm thrilled to celebrate with her. As a blogger myself at The Inspired Room (my blog is nearly six … [Read more...]

  Spring... You've been teasing us with warm days and buds bursting from the soil with new life.  And then you turn around and shower us with sleet, and snow for days on end, and through clouds of steel give us only glimpses of sunshine.  Some days I think you are positively mean.  And then I is not is still winter...for a few more days.  Winter officially departs and lovely dear Spring rides in March 20, at precisely 7:02 AM EDT.     It fascinates me that on this first day of and night are each approximately 12 hours long. Did you know that the … [Read more...]

  Welcome to the weekend! Is the weekend a pause in your week? A time to get oodles of work done? A time to play?  Or just like any other day?   My weekend began in the quiet.   Peering out the window I noticed a sliver of pink over the mountain and an eyelash of a moon in the sky. Later, my husband prepared blueberry-banana pancakes which we smothered in butter and maple syrup.  Amazingly delicious. And then I noticed this pile of silver I had put together yesterday for polishing.     I'm attempting to see my world with new eyes.  The incredible all around me. … [Read more...]

Day 30 There's no doubt about it.  This has been the year of pumpkins. You might remember when I shared my excitement and pumpkin blessing here.   Prior to my blessing I had made up my mind that I was just going to try to be creative with the things I had in my house, and the little bits of fall stored in my "Fall Decor" box. I had pretty much thumbed my nose to anything from the Fall Decor Store.  Of course that's easy to do when shopping the aisles of the Fall Decor Store is not an option.   I was enjoying the challenge until I experienced Pumpkins from Heaven!    Do you hear the … [Read more...]

Day 29   What do you think when you read about someone celebrating their 6 month anniversary, or any increment of time other than the once-a-year variety?  Maybe you've done a little eye rolling, like me. Then again, why not celebrate goodness in our lives?   Really. Are you wondering where I'm going with this? Today is the six month birthday/anniversary of the first post I published at An Extraordinary Day.   Shall we call it a Blogiversary?  I remember the excitement and the wee bit of fear and trepidation I had as I hit the publish button.  My words flinging themselves off into the great … [Read more...]

Day 28   If you knew you were fully and completely loved.... Would it change the way you live? Would you think more highly of yourself? Would you be more confident? What would be different?         We have an amazingly faithful, extraordinarily loving God who created each of us uniquely and is head-over-heels crazy about you and me.   This week you may feel... anything but pretty... or that no one cares or notices you... or that you can't bear another burden... or that ___________ (you fill in the blank)... or maybe all of … [Read more...]

Day 27   The other day I had the privilege of sleeping until 9 o'clock in the morning.  After staying up until 2 something in the morning writing a 31 Days post.  Ahem.  Always upon rising I walk to the great room window to look out on the world.  That day, I could not believe my eyes.  The light was exquisite! Immediately, I grabbed my camera, stuffed my feet into my red Sloggers, and dashed out the front door. The last thing on my mind was being concerned that my neighbors would wonder about me wandering around the front yard of another, taking photos in my jim jams.     The … [Read more...]

{Day 26}   Have you ever seen an eagle in the wild? I've been to several wildlife sanctuaries and have seen birds of prey in huge cages.  Those birds were tethered or caged because they had been rescued and were not ready to return to the wild.  It's amazing to see such incredible birds up close.  And yet, it's equally difficult to see them without the freedom to soar.     Today as we were driving along the gorge I spied a magnificent bald eagle.  He was sitting on a branch no more than 30 feet from the road.  Often I have spotted hawks, falcons even, but never an eagle.  My heart … [Read more...]

Day 25   It's hard to believe.  25 days in a row.  Writing.  Blogging.  Doing my best to inspire myself and you to live an extraordinary life. These 25 days have required a lot of discipline on my part.  With just 6 more days to go...I am truly glad that I made the commitment and have stuck to the challenge.     If you've been following along for a while, you might remember that I had two laptops that crashed. Despite that, I went ahead with 31 Extraordinary Days.  I've been writing and editing photos on my husband's laptop in the evenings and his day off.  It has been … [Read more...]

Day 24     October is an Extraordinary month. It's the month when my world is aflame with color.  Mornings begin with fog and sometimes frost.  Many mornings the sun shines bright and warm and the frost melts into gazillions of water droplets.  Indian summer comes in the afternoon.  The sun sets by seven o'clock and the moon shines clear and bright.  As the night temperature drops, the fires burn bright in the hearth....resisting the chill in the air. Lurking around the corner is the season of gray and white.  The dreaded frozen flakes may make an early surprise appearance in this … [Read more...]

Day 21   This morning I got up early.  Living with a mountain to my East it's darker in the morning than anywhere I've previously lived.  As I looked off in the distance I saw just a glimmer of light where the mountain dips a bit.  Then, I turned away and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  Just a bit later I returned to look out the window.  The clouds were pink and violet as the sun was beginning to rise above the mountain.  It was glorious.  I grabbed my camera and hurried back to the window....     In just those few seconds that it took me to crank open the window, … [Read more...]