When life hands you lemons... what do you do? I've said it before... you make pink lemonade with fresh raspberries and serve it up in pretty cups with pretty pink straws.     Well... as you can see by this photo, that's not exactly what happened. In the wee hours, just as Friday was beginning, we had a storm.  Despite seeing the trees flinging their branches around like they were demented our neighborhood wasn't hard hit.  Across the river from us, winds were clocked at 90-100 mph.  Needless to say, there were lots of trees down and tree debris everywhere and 149,000 homes … [Read more...]

When you hear the word wedding                          what immediately comes to mind... Prince charming and his fairy tale princess vowing to love each other, dancing the night away, and finally stepping into their coach on their way to living happily ever after? Perhaps your mind goes to the expense and planning and expense and details and expense which consume the engaged couple for a year or two or more? We know that many weddings don't fit either of those categories. But, we do know that every couple wants to have a wedding day that is memorable. And maybe even a bit … [Read more...]