This week I flipped for all the Pepperminty Crafts and Recipes you shared at our Project Inspire{d} link party. Maybe it was because of some treasured memories.  You see, when I was a little girl, I loved going to my aunt's apartment for a visit.  I always thought that everything she did was so special and elegant.  She used to keep a beautiful lidded crystal candy dish on her desk filled with pink and white peppermints.  I thought they were the ultimate treat and always savored the one I selected from her perfectly pepperminty stash. If you're a lover of peppermint, I'm pretty sure you're going to love all the … [Read more...]

Raise your hand if you saw a beautiful photo on Pinterest and just had to make it? Keep your hand up if you actually went through with the project. Hold your hand high if that Pinteresting project was an epic craft fail!  You are in good company.   Heather Mann even wrote the book on it... CraftFail When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong  It's a humorous compendium of real-life attempts to re-create the inspiring images seen on the internet or elsewhere. I shared the book with my friend and she laughed all the way through it. Most of us will relate to miss-reading instructions, … [Read more...]

Last year I went hunting for acorns.  I walked for what seemed like miles through the woods that rimmed the cornfield, eyes to the ground, carefully searching for those little nuts with cute hats.  After expending all that effort in the hunt, I walked home with a small handful.  That's all! This year I had success and found all the acorns I ever wanted!    Please … “Pin-it” – Share it on Facebook – Stumble it!   You know how you hear that there will be a bad winter when there are lots of acorns? Last winter was the worst I've known, and there were hardly any acorns in my neck of the … [Read more...]