There are just 16 days until Christmas arrives. Are you ready to have a panic attack or does this heighten your anticipation?     Christmas looks different to all of us depending upon our circumstances. I remember re-runs of an old PBS sitcom...."Keeping Up Appearances."  The main character, Hyacinth Bucket, was overly concerned about looking good to the "important" people of  the world.  She wanted those of her "stature" in life or less, to see her as impeccable in every way, equal to those of wealth and high social standing.  She even went so far as to pronounce her last name as … [Read more...]

Are you one of those amazing people with your tree decorated and all your presents wrapped the first week of December? Or maybe you haven't even begun hanging wreaths or stringing lights. Whichever camp you're in....there is still plenty of time to make a few whimsical paperback book Christmas trees. They are really popular this year, too.     How do I know this? This post from last year is currently my number one, most viewed post, hands down. The good thing....I wrote a simple and easy to follow tutorial for creating your own amazing paperback book Christmas trees for you to … [Read more...]

  This year, I wanted to be really intentional about observing Advent.  I even shared a post with ideas for Advent readings and candles, here. But, when it came to my own advent candle wreath, I had nothing.  Nada. It was something I wanted....but it is not necessary.  Plus, I don't exactly have money to be spending on something like this, and since I'm living "in between" with my stuff in storage, well...I really could go without.     Several weeks ago I was invited to participate in an upcoming blogger event, All Things Dollar Tree for Christmas, where you create something from … [Read more...]

As we approach Christmas, you may or may not feel like decorating based on a whole number of reasons.  But, if your reasons have anything to do with the state of your current house...this just might be for you.   Especially at the holidays, take time for making your house your home.     As I was looking through some past posts, this one popped out at me and I thought that I would share the link with you. It's all about making your house your home....and my experience of doing that last fall. Funny how things change overnight. We were working at making that rental "our" … [Read more...]

Last year I wrote and shared a tutorial for making Christmas stockings from a sweater. I'm not sure that it caught the attention of very many people....on December 19th. Don't you think most everyone probably already had their stockings ready for Santa? It seems to me that it would be a lot more helpful to be inspired to try your hand at creating a sweater stocking for Christmas on November 19. Or even the November 16. So...that's what I am doing here...     This was a super easy project.  Just what I like. The most difficult part of the project was drawing out the shape of the … [Read more...]

Growing Paperwhites for Christmas is one of my favorite holiday traditions. There is something about their tall stems and pristine pure white blossoms that dress up a room so perfectly.     Plus, with everything so bleak and barren outdoors, fresh new life and bright green stems just make me happy.   If you would like to add this lovely touch to your holiday decor, you need to purchase your bulbs now. I have had Paperwhite bulbs start blooming two weeks after planting them....but some years they have taken three weeks or more to bloom.  Bloom time is not an exact science. … [Read more...]

  Many people began the new year with a resolution and a word for the year.  Choosing a word seemed like a good thing and so I selected 'intentional' as my word.   What's been interesting, is that as the year wore on, another word came to the forefront of my thinking.  If you're a regular reader, I'm guessing that you will guess what that word is.  Yes, it's 'joy.' As I began decorating my home for Christmas I started adding the word 'joy' to my wreaths and packages.  For some time I've been smitten with banners and decided to make one for Christmas.  Rejoice seemed to be the perfect word for my banner … [Read more...]

Today I turned over the page on the calendar.  A day late. The funny thing is that my life is like that lately.  A bit behind.     Do you remember my Christmas Decorating Inspiration post last week?  I'm here to report....though it was very inspiring...I was having trouble pulling off the decor in the sun room with the vintage blue Ball jars.  I love. love. love. those things.  They just plain make me happy.  But, my sun room is a very small room and lining the jars up on the window sill just didn't seem to work.  Yes, they stood there like good little soldiers.  Let's just say my ideas … [Read more...]

    This is the first in a very long time that my house hasn't been pretty much decorated for Christmas a week after Thanksgiving. Is your house decorated? My husband brought up one of our trees, so we do have a bit of a start.  We plugged in the lights, which fortunately are still on the tree from last year, only to discover that half a string did not light.  Phooey.  Fortunately, after removing the string, the bad light was discovered and we're back in business.  Except I have to re-string them on the tree.  Don't you wish you could just wave your wand and magically the lights would be … [Read more...]