Happy New Year!   Okay...maybe I'm a wee bit early.  But only 25 hours early! Remember my Joy Wreath hanging over the sideboard?  I thought it would be fun to quickly and easily transform it into a New Year's Wreath.   After removing the vintage balls and Joy and other nativity words, I added in some semi-blingy woodland picks I had in my stash. I got out that Silhouette machine which I have yet to master and cut out the Happy - New - Year - 2013 in some gold cardstock I also had in my stash. The only expense was a package of paper coronet horns from Dollar Tree.  The pack … [Read more...]

    Last evening I stayed up a little late before going to bed.   Now just for the record....I was NOT Pinteresting.  Hee hee. I was sitting in the stillness of the sunroom, contemplating words on the illuminated screen before me, listening to the sounds of the night, observing the sky lighting up in the distance, and glimpsing an occasional firefly dance past my window when I heard the strangest sound, from what I assumed was a vehicle, making its way down the street in front of my house.  If I were a caller on Car Talk, Ray or Tom would probably have had me make the noise in order … [Read more...]

  Who knew a visit to a Country Market would be so much fun?     Locals have been telling us all about their "wonderful" version of a farmers'/crafters' market.  Shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I grew up in a town where we had one of the biggest farmers' markets in the country.  I was spoiled.  Every kind of fresh produce and plant was available every Wednesday and Saturday. This morning the Country Market opened at 8 AM.  We arrived at 7:58.  Lines of cars were turning in to the parking area.  The crowd had already begun to assemble.  Anticipation filled the … [Read more...]

It's Joy Day!   Time to hit the 'reset' button for our week.   Time for refreshment.     Today, I was reminded that God does make everything beautiful in its time. I filled my window box today with little Impatiens from a flat of four packs from the garden center.   They look small and overwhelmed by their large container.  Yet...soon they will grow and they will overwhelm their container. A phone call reminded me of a friend who has been struggling to find purpose.  Today she is beginning the first steps in a dance with her calling and passion.  Soon, God will do a good … [Read more...]