Today is a special day for An Extraordinary Day!   To begin... let's go back a few years.  After losing my job in 2009, I suddenly had more free time than I was accustomed to having.  So as I was preparing to host a fall open house for my Longaberger business, I decided to go online and do a little exploring for fall decorating ideas. Spending time online was not new to me, quite the contrary.  Usually I spent my time online researching things for children's ministry, or nutrition.  Important stuff. [wink] I had never even thought about exploring the interwebs for home decor ideas.  That bright fall day … [Read more...]

Can you believe that it is already my.... I can hardly believe it!  These have been the fastest two years in history! Who knew when I first pressed "Publish" on April 29th, 2012 that we would be where we are today? Many of my hopes and dreams have been realized.  But, if you know me....I press ahead to make the blog and this space on the web even more meaningful and fruitful.  And truly I am amazed that even in this "in between" we are growing together in so many ways.   Thank you for being here, for taking time to comment and share bits of your life here, too.   Your encouragement … [Read more...]

Our first Blogiversary Celebration! Whew!!  What a week! Happy Blogiversary An Extraordinary Day! All week long we've been partying to the hilt. And boy, has it been fun! Just to add to the fun and my appreciation of you. I'm finishing the week with this lovely photo of apple blossoms.  And...     The fun part is that you can click here for an 8x10 to print, or here for a free desktop background.  I hope you enjoy either or both.     What day was my actual blogiversary? Though my first published post was April 29, 2012...technically Sunday was my … [Read more...]

Thanks for coming by today to help me celebrate this momentous occasion! I hope you were blessed yesterday by our special guest, Melissa from The Inspired Room.  What a treat! We've been talking about extraordinary friendship and friends the past few days...  One of my favorite things to do is to gather my friends, set a pretty table, and enjoy light refreshments and good conversation.  So if you will indulge me today, I've set the small sideboard in the sun room for an intimate gathering of four.  The perfect size for chatting.  Friendship & Tea.     I've brought out the cocoa set … [Read more...]

  Our celebration continues today! Special greetings to Extraordinary YOU   from an Extraordinary blogging friend      and an Extraordinary giveaway!   I'm so honored to have been invited by the lovely Diane, to share a little bit here today for her blog anniversary week!  A little backstory, I first "met" Diane over three years ago when she reached out to me via email, before she even started her blog! And here we are today, celebrating her first year blogging anniversary! That is a milestone I'm thrilled to celebrate with her. As a blogger myself at The Inspired Room (my blog is nearly six … [Read more...]

I can hardly believe it! TODAY is the anniversary of the very first day I hit 'publish' and entered the world as an official blogger. You might say that I am slightly excited.  This is a milestone.  Maybe even a standing stone. Now I am probably going to sound like every celebrity or sports star you have ever seen on TV when they give their words of appreciation.  [grin]   Thank YOU for choosing to read and following my tappings into the cyberworld each week. You give what I do purpose and meaning.   You make my day when you respond and tap back your sweet thoughts.  I love reading and … [Read more...]