How's your day? I'm hoping that today's been a good day, or at the worst, something we can call normal. Do you mind stopping a second to look back over the past several hours? We've had numerous blessings... A bed to sleep on, a bite to eat, dishes to wash, places to go, people to see... And so much more!  Consider each a blessing. Give thanks for each one.   We often take these common, everyday blessings for granted. Tomorrow, things might change and we may or may not have one or more of these blessings. When that happens... our worlds just might come undone. Or will … [Read more...]

  Is it me, or do you get a little excited around Valentine's Day? Maybe it's silly, but I love the idea of using the holiday to spread a little joy to those around me.     For many, Valentine's Day is NOT a fun day. Though we see aisles of candies in the stores, and heart-shaped balloons floating at the ends of check lanes, many will not get a treat or any kind of "love" unless they purchase something for themselves.  It's their reality... every day.  Yet, they are reminded that "everyone," it seems, is enjoying something special for Valentine's Day. Except them. These … [Read more...]

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror.  You too?  Each time I glanced at my reflection I hoped that my appearance would improve.  Maybe it was because we had some pretty big mirrors in our house, or maybe it was because as a tween, my parents sent me to charm school at the local department store, but between there and home, I got the message that my physical appearance as well as the way I carried myself were important. At charm school, we learned how to sit and stand and even model pretty outfits for the store's style show.  We learned about fashion, the best name brands, how to … [Read more...]

Let me tell you how blessed I am. Every morning I wake up next to a man who loves me with his whole heart. I pretty much jump out of bed each day because I can. Clothes hang straight in my closet sorted by type and I get to put on something to fit the day and occasion. When I go to the kitchen sink and turn the faucet, out pours sparkling clean water. As I grab my Bible to sit on the couch, I turn and look out the window and see the morning mist rising or dancing across the small lake. Turning the pages of my Bible, I read words of encouragement, and I'm blessed that I have the ability to read and … [Read more...]

How was your week? Today I was standing in line at Kroger with my husband. He asked me if I was okay.  I mumbled something. But I wasn't okay. I had been running a grocery list in my mind on the drive over. It wasn't the grocery list of things I needed to pick up from the store. As I was standing in line, I let the weight of that list come down on me. I guess it was written across my face.     At that moment I knew that I needed to start a new list.... a list of blessings. And I did....right there in line at Kroger. And then I found myself telling my husband the … [Read more...]

  Joy Day!   My favorite day of the week. The day when we count blessings.... ...the good things and the not-so-good things. The day we acknowledge The One who loves us beyond anything we can imagine.     Everyday my husband drives through what is called a greenway.  The mountainside is immediately on the right and and the gorge to the left on portions of the road.  It's beautiful.  And true to its name in the spring and summer.   He sees lots of wildlife.  And dead deer in the fall and winter.  Everyday he prays that he won't hit one of those graceful creatures with … [Read more...]

Other than going away to college or getting married, have you ever packed up your home, said good-bye to friends and neighbors, and moved far away?     Our first big move was away from our sweet saltbox which we had built and thought would be our forever on earth home.  Nine months ago we made our fifth move.  This time, leaving behind friends we had made over twelve years. This week a man who greeted us and helped unload our moving trucks at our last house came with his wife to visit us in our "new" home.   They were en route to see a U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and decided to take a day, … [Read more...]

    Last evening I stayed up a little late before going to bed.   Now just for the record....I was NOT Pinteresting.  Hee hee. I was sitting in the stillness of the sunroom, contemplating words on the illuminated screen before me, listening to the sounds of the night, observing the sky lighting up in the distance, and glimpsing an occasional firefly dance past my window when I heard the strangest sound, from what I assumed was a vehicle, making its way down the street in front of my house.  If I were a caller on Car Talk, Ray or Tom would probably have had me make the noise in order … [Read more...]

This morning the sun was shining,         the birds were singing,                  and my heart was filled with joy.   What a great start to the day!     Maybe your day didn't begin like that.  Actually mine didn't either.  I woke up to grayness and fog.  But soon the sun broke through and now, I'm reveling in the beauty of the day.  I've forgotten about the gray.  I'm living in the sun (Son).  That is how I can say, "What a great start to the day!" My friend, that's what happens when we count our blessings. If you're new here, last week I put out this challenge: Take the Joy … [Read more...]