Words... Have you noticed that there's been a war of words, especially on Facebook? Granted Facebook isn't REALLY our personal space.... but it feels personal to me. It's where I keep up with my nieces... one lives in Connecticut and the other in Arizona. It's where I keep up with the friends I've made in New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and beyond. It's also a work space for me... there are the blogging groups I belong to and there's my biz page for my blog, too.     Words, memes, and other images have invaded the space where I usually I look forward to seeing … [Read more...]

  As we finished up supper the other day I was surprised to look out the window and see how dark it was.  The next morning, the sun didn't seem to break the horizon until after 8 a.m.  With hardly a notice... we slipped into the season of darkness. There's another kind of darkness that we all seem to have slipped into as well.... it's the darkness of our world.  It's almost palpable.  I'm sure you'll agree that the darkness is pervasive on social media, especially in regards to the upcoming election. It might come through fear of the future.... anger and disagreement about candidates or issues... … [Read more...]