Sleep.  Is your pillow calling your name? Do you get enough sleep each night?  Be honest.  What time does your head actually hit the pillow? Confession time. Recently, it was nearly 2 AM when I went to bed.  Yes.  {Head hanging}  That's right. Since this is an issue for me, I thought maybe there might be one or two other people who also struggle with getting to bed on time and getting a full night's sleep. Seriously I should know better.  I have struggled with Adrenal Fatigue or Low Adrenal Function on several occasions.  My problem is that once I'm feeling better, I start to abuse my body again. … [Read more...]

There seems to be two views on sweets: "I love a sweet treat now and then."  OR  "I must have a sweet treat. Now!" On which side do you fall? Me? Pretty much, "I love a sweet treat now and then."   Recently, I found myself wanting a sweet treat after supper.  Then, after lunch.  And yes, it's true, after breakfast. And then, I'm being really real here, I found myself wanting sweets for supper, lunch, and breakfast. Sweet treats were doing more than calling my name, they were downright accosting me at every corner. They even went so far as to open a candy shop and an ice cream … [Read more...]