Lovely. Floating. Flakes. Gathering. Whiteness. Snowfall.     The other evening we had an unexpected snow at dinner time. Look closely and you can see the large falling snowflakes. It was a magical few hours.   Truly extraordinary!! Supper was ready and I sat down to eat.  However I could not contain myself. It was getting late and the light was getting low.   So, I excused myself from the table, grabbed my camera, and attempted to capture the moment.  The windows which had been locked against the winter winds were cranked open to capture this photo and many more.   Such a … [Read more...]

  Rose of Sharon husks. Long forgotten blossoms. A nod to Cotton Bolls. Frozen crystals. Snow.    Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they do when they stick together. Verna M. Kelly   Today I walked to the grocery store.  A pleasure I have living in a small town.  School buses and travelers were filling up the main street so I elected to walk a half block over...down the alley way....on my return home.  Roasting chicken in hand. The journey turns into a wander as I forget the falling flakes and see new shapes and wonders enhanced by … [Read more...]