Living on the edge of the woods with all that natural beauty inspires me in my Christmas decorating.  This year I purchased a skinny tree and filled it with rustic farmhouse Christmas tree decorations I made.  It’s easy and inexpensive to create ornaments using the bounty of nature.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorations Inspired by Nature

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Remember the 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments that we were so inspired by back in October?  We enjoyed it so much that my friend, Mary Beth and I invited the group back for our First Annual Extraordinary Christmas Trees Tour.  Not everyone could join us, but we have 13 gals for a fabulous 3-Day line up of extraordinary Christmas tree inspiration for you.


An Extraordinary Christmas Tree Tour


It started with this ornament.


Rustic Handmade Christmas Ornament for the Tree - Birch Wood Slices Display Pretty Hand Cut Pine Cone Flowers


This handmade birch and pine cone ornament was the impetus for creating and styling a nature inspired rustic farmhouse tree. One particular comment about that ornament convinced me to visually tie all the decorations together with black and white buffalo check ribbon and black and white bakers’ twine.

My entire tree is decorated with handmade ornaments which I made and fresh winterberries that I picked, except for the burlap Merry Christmas ribbon garland.


Fill a Christmas tree with EASY to create handmade rustic farmhouse Christmas tree decorations and tie it all together with a black and white buffalo check. #handmadechristmas #decoratethetree #christmasdecorating


By the time the tree was decorated, I was inspired to makeover my bedroom which I will be sharing with you later this week.


Christmas bedroom decorated with rustic farmhouse Christmas tree decorations


Can you guess what my theme is?


Decorate the tree with rustic handmade Christmas ornaments in a natural farmhouse style the Christmas


I love the tree at night.  It gives my bedroom such a warm and cozy feeling.


Pretty Bedroom Christmas Tree at Night. Trim the tree with nature inspired decorations like fresh winterberries, handmade pine cone and birch ornaments


There’s something uniquely special about using almost all natural elements for Christmas ornaments.

You might find this humorous, but after the tree was trimmed with the Merry Christmas ribbon and the freshly handpicked winterberries were tucked in among the tree branches I felt that the tree was done and I could very easily have lived with it decorated with just those two items.


Fill a Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree with Natural Winterberry Stems for a Nature Inspired Rustic Look


However, that really didn’t fit my plan and I had already started making ornaments, so I moved ahead, adding the birch pine cone flowers I created earlier this fall.

Most of my ornaments are neutral earth tones or black and white, so the Michigan holly branches or winterberry branches provide that pop of color that brings the tree to life.

The first photos show the berries bright and plump.  I debated placing the stems in florist’s water vials, but decided to gamble on the berries looking good.  My apartment is a little bit dry, so they are drying out and darkening. It’s not all bad.  But, if you decide to decorate with fresh stems, be prepared to place them in water vials or have them dry out.

I fell in love with Cami’s snow-covered pine cones and created my own with a little twist and some cute buffalo check ribbon.


Handmade painted pine cones give a fresh frosty look to a nature inspired rustic farmhouse Christmas tree


Cami has a fabulous tutorial however, I made mine a little differently and discovered a couple of fun tips.  So, hopefully, I’ll be sharing a tutorial for you about that, soon.

These are my favorite ornaments on the tree.  I love how the frosted pine cones give a black and white appearance that provides that necessary repetition of color and pattern.

None of the ornaments I made were difficult to do and all pretty much could be described as quick and easy. I do not have the bandwidth to putz around with fussy detailed ornaments.

Having said that, my advent tags couldn’t have been easier to create.  Look for a quick tutorial on those too.  Their simplicity and simple words set the tone for the reason for decorating a tree.


Simple to make Advent tags decorate a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree


Many years ago, my aunt gave me some fabric balls that her mom created.  They were in various shades of chambray blue, cut from her farmer husband’s worn shirts.  She had intended to weave the strips into rugs.  Those old fabric balls were my inspiration for adding some farmhouse charm to my Christmas tree. Mine look too perfect compared to the originals, but I think the small black and white buffalo checked fabric really makes them pop on the tree.


The DIY farmhouse fabric balls add that perfect homespun element to the Christmas tree


This is the quickest and easiest Christmas ornament you can make.  And they are cheap too!

Grab a bag of walnuts at the grocery store and some tiny eye hooks from the hardware store, and your favorite string and in minutes you can have a bunch of ornaments for your tree.

You could make it a bit more time-consuming by painting the hooks like I did if you wish.  It’s the little things that make a difference in my world, so I got out my artist paint brushes and black craft paint and painted the hooks after they were screwed into the walnuts.  It takes a few minutes for them to dry.  Attach a hanging string and you have decor for your tree!


Easiest Christmas Tree Decoration to Make for Your a Rustic Farmhouse Look


I wouldn’t store them away for next year, I don’t want to attract bugs.  Maybe you can crack and enjoy them as you undecorate your tree.

There were two grapevine decorations that I fell in love with on our 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments.  Patti created some super cute kissing ball ornaments that I wanted to make, but in my small town I could not find the small grapevine balls for less than $4 a piece, plus they were much larger and I only found a couple.  I should have planned ahead and ordered them online.  However, they inspired me to put my own variation on the simple grapevine ornament wreaths that my friend Kristin made.


Tiny Grapevine Wreaths Adorn this Nature inspired rustic farmhouse Christmas tree


Here’s a short GIF I put together.  As I made ornaments and added them to the tree, I snapped a picture so you could see the tree come to life.



Every year I look forward to decorating for Christmas.  You can always be sure that I will use natural greens, pine cones, and berries somehow in my home decor.


Handmade Christmas Decorations are Perfect for the Natural Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree You Want


This is the first year that I have ever created all the decorations for my tree and focused almost entirely on using elements from nature.


Make this a Merry Christmas with Handmade Ornament Ideas for your Tree Inspired by Nature in Farmhouse Style


Every time I walk into my bedroom I get a big smile on my face. All the rustic farmhouse Christmas decorations evoke such a wonderful feeling of warmth and coziness.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.


Trim the tree with natural elements and black and white buffalo check for a farmhouse style Christmas.


Are you loving the cute Trim the Tree pillow sitting on the chair next to the tree?  I just happen to know where you can get one.  Actually, I know you’ll be smitten with ALL the pillows from Tandem For Two.  My talented friend, Jennifer, creates the most amazing designs and has a wonderful little team of ladies who assemble all her products. Everything is made to order, so when I’m not working on the blog, you’ll find me up at the workshop busily putting together all our custom orders. I’d love for you to check out Tandem for Two and keep in mind that you can get 10% off your order when you put in code AED.


Merry Christmas from


My sewing machine has been buzzing this week.  Be sure to stop back later to see how I fluffed my bed and decorated the rest of the bedroom for Christmas.  It’s so cozy.  PLUS… I’m working on another Christmas tree in a totally different style.  You do not want to miss it either.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single post.

I hope you’ve been inspired, today.

Be prepared for even more extraordinary Christmas tree ideas.  You just might need to get a second or third tree.

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  1. Cami says

    Oh my goodness Diane! Your Christmas tree is SOOO gorgeous! I love everything about it. I love that you made some flocked pinecones look so pretty on your tree! You are such an inspiration!


  2. Minnie McCoy says

    Oh My Stars! Everything I see here I LOVE!
    I also use natural ,God given gifts to decorate. So beautiful. Just can’t be beat.
    Oh and the black and white. ? I’m like a little kid, I have sooo many favorite things and you seem to use a good deal of them and that makes me happy!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas decor with us. It makes me smile to think of you buzzing around decorating and later curling up in a cozy corner to admire and enjoy all your hard work! I love being wrapped in the beauty of Christmas and it looks like you do too.
    Blessings to you!

  3. I am loving your Christmas tree ornaments. Everything from the pretty ribbon to the walnuts and pinecones. You have so many creative ways to decorate your Christmas tree. Thanks for inspiring me to create something fun for my family to enjoy. Thanks Diane.

  4. I love your tree, it is just beautiful! I can’t believe every ornament is handmade, you are so talented (and busy)! Those walnuts add a special touch and that tree is perfect for the space! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tree with all of us! xo

  5. Oh my goodness, Diane!!! I love every single thing about your tree. You are so creative and the theme is so unique. I love it ALL! So many great tips for making your own ornaments. I’m so happy to be hopping with you. xoxo

  6. Susie says

    That is just the cutest little tree. I love the use of natural elements for the ornaments.And LOVE the black and white check. I must start making ornaments now so that I am ready next year! But for now, I must chack out Tandem for Two. ~~Merry Christmas sweet friend ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  7. Diane, your tree is just PERFECTION! I have ALWAYS wanted text on ribbon…this looks so fantastic. And all of your handmade touches are so lovely. Merry, Merry, friend!

  8. Paula says

    Your tree looks so pretty, Diane! I love the variety of handmade ornaments that you made for it. Buffalo check has always been a favorite pattern of mine and seeing it on your tree is making me think that next year I might want to use some of it on my tree. I look forward to seeing the rest of your bedroom!

  9. I love your skinny farmhouse tree. It’s so pretty with all the natural and handmade elements. Beautiful!

  10. This is possibly one of my most favorite trees I’ve seen this year! I LOVE the black and white and the walnut ornaments and the fabric balls . . . love it ALL!

  11. Gwen says

    Stunning! I’d saved your tree post to read and I’m so glad I got to see the surprise. It’s lovely in your bedroom. I think I’ll put one tree in our room. I have a two foot one that would work. It already has lights and pinecones. I like it all. Each ornament is my favorite!! Trick for the walnuts. Bake them and put in the freezer. They will be good for next year. Or crack and eat them and enjoy!!! Do walnut trees grow around you? They are so magnificent. No longer are they picked up by hand like when I did it as a child. My hands were stained for days by their shell’souter covering!!! Oh. The mini wreaths. Those are so fun. I’m looking forward to your diy directions.

  12. So pretty! I love the natural elements. And all that buffalo plaid is perfect!

  13. Diane, I love the natural elements, especially paired with the awesome buffalo check! How cool that you have this tree in your bedroom. Such a special, cozy touch.

    I loved the ornaments you crafted for the 31 days tour back in October, and they do look gorgeous on this tree! Oh, and the Advent chalkboard ornaments are just wonderful–simple but so meaningful. Great job, you!

  14. Your tree turned out so beautifully Diane! You are so talented – you could totally be selling these ornaments on Etsy!!! Thank you for all your hard work in creating this and giving us all one more opportunity to play together! What a joy!!! xoxo, Jennifer

    • Haha!! That will never happen. I have no patience for mass producing anything. LOL
      I love “playing” with you, too, sweet friend!! So glad you could join in the fun!!

  15. I love the buffalo check ribbon Diane. I too thought the tree was pretty with just the ribbon and the berries but it’s hard to stop isn’t it!

    • Once you have a plan it’s full speed ahead! LOL Thanks Kathy for appreciating the simple version with me.
      Hope you have a Happy Christmas, Kathy!

  16. Julie Briones says

    Beautiful, Diane! Love the slim silhouette of the tree, too! (Great for small homes!) I’m subscribing to you now… thought I did, but haven’t gotten any notifications yet.

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