Is your kitchen the work horse of your house?


Is it the place where your family hangs out?

Is it the homework station or craft station?

Is it the dropping ground for everything from mail to hand tools?

Or is your kitchen your hangout, the place where your creativity goes wild?


Kitchen Display Window Eye Candy | William Hefner :: I love to dream about my next kitchen. It may or may not happen... but a girl can dream. And this collection of kitchen deliciousness is sure to tantalize your kitchen taste buds. Grab your cup and come along for some wonderful inspiration.

William Hefner 


On my  An Extraordinary Day Facebook page I regularly post kitchen photos.

I seem to be a bit obsessed with kitchens lately.  Maybe it’s because I have a kitchen that mostly works, but isn’t my style.  Maybe it’s because my kitchen is the smallest kitchen I’ve ever had.  Maybe it’s because it’s a dark U-shaped kitchen with dark cabinets and one small window.   Or, maybe it’s because it’s not mine and I’m limited in what I can do to make it mine.

One thing I do know for sure.

A girl can dream.


So come along with me for a bit of fun and inspiration….

….and some kitchen deliciousness!


 Gothic Windowed Kitchen Cabinet Doors from Hello Lovely Decor Blog

Hello Lovely Decor


American Gothic architecture makes my heart go pitter-patter.


Just look at those lovely glass-fronted cabinets with the American Gothic design.  

Pure loveliness!!

I really do like most of the elements of this kitchen.

It’s bright, spacious, and there’s room for preparing a meal for a crowd,
or having a crowd gather in the kitchen.

What is it about dish rack storage for dinnerware?
Is it textural or is it just a great architectural statement?

 The marble back splash tiling is really popular right now.  Do you love it?
Me…I need a bit more warmth and color.

Wouldn’t it be fun to switch out the lampshades on the pendants
for something more colorful and whimsical?

Wood floors are my favorite for a kitchen.
They create such warmth.
And as someone who whirls around the kitchen quickly,
the wood is more forgiving when something is dropped onto the floor.

What else catches your eye here?


Gothic Kitchen Cabinet Doors | HouseandHome

 House and Home


More glass front cabinets with lovely America Gothic Windows!!

They surely are the touch that makes this kitchen go from ordinary to  extraordinary!!

What do you think about the chairs?  I like to have seating in or near my kitchen prep area.
These coral-backed chairs are stunning.  But, as much as I love them,
I think I’d like to see a repetition of the American Gothic window design in the chair backs.
What do you think?

Oh….and that blue lantern!  Yes!!  I’m head-over-heels for it too!



Kitchen Great Room


Kitchen great room

Huge family style kitchen - Great room

Cote de Texas


My ideal kitchen would have space for cooking, entertaining, and gathering.
I love how this great room kitchen has it all!!!
More space than I will ever need with fabulous natural light and airiness.

What are you loving about this kitchen?



Windows make a kitchen shine!




Can you imagine looking out this gorgeous window?

It really makes the kitchen, don’t you agree?


Stunning Windows - Greenhouse style kitchen | Houzz



Again….those windows!!!  I’d feel like I was cooking in the great outdoors!!

It would be so convenient for entertaining too.

Are you smitten, like me, over beautiful windows?

The chandelier is fun and more lovely wood floors.

Pure kitchen deliciousness!!


The Heart of the Home

Is your kitchen is the heart of your home?

In every house I’ve lived, the kitchen seems to be a people magnet.

Here’s a kitchen that actually places people in the center of the kitchen.


Island with built-in seating in this cape cod styled kitchen :: I love to dream about my next kitchen. It may or may not happen... but a girl can dream. And this collection of kitchen deliciousness is sure to tantalize your kitchen taste buds. Grab your cup and come along for some wonderful inspiration.



Okay… not really… but this amazing island with built-in seating is surely the thing
for parties, and homework, and general hanging out by the cook.

Recently I shared this kitchen on Facebook and WOW! was I surprised by the response.
I now know the meaning of “going viral.”

  Cape cod style kitchenPratico-Pratiques


What makes all these kitchens so yummy?


Great window styling with lots of windows or large windows.

Great design elements like the American Gothic detailing on the cabinet doors.

Terrific lighting.

Warm wood floors.

Spacious areas for cooking, dining, and gathering.


These kitchens all have elements that I like LOVE.  

I’m pretty sure that I could easily move into any one of the lovely kitchens.
But, for the most part they are pretty colorless.
I’m a girl who LOVES color.

How about you?

Let’s take a vote…  White or Color?


Here’s just a bit of inspiration
for giving any of these delicious kitchens a flavor boost.
Colorful Kitchen Color Schemes - Inspiration

So tell me!  Did one of these kitchens catch your eye?
What kinds of kitchen dreams do you have?


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Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Sheila Skillingstead says

    I like a colored kitchen. Mine does not have enough cabinetry. I love my windows and especially my bay window. I have a linoleum floor. When I picked it out I thought it might be too repetitive over the long kitchen. The flooring company rolled out a piece as big as my kitchen and it wasn’t too repetitive. I don’t like where our dishwasher is placed.

    • Diane says

      Maybe we who like color in our kitchens lead more colorful lives? Haha!
      Not having enough cabinets is annoying. I ended up storing my good china in order to use an old hutch for everyday dishes. But…the bottom line is…I made it work! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by Sheila!!! Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely!

  2. Jean says

    I like white in other rooms but I need to have color in my kitchen! I would vote for image 2 and the green shade on the tile is my favorite color. Our kitchen walls are green and it is quite small while functioning both as a kitchen and dining area but it certainly doesn’t stop everyone from crowding in there whenever we have company!

    • Diane says

      Hi Jean!
      Isn’t that just the funniest thing, no matter how large or small our kitchens, they are the prime gathering place. Love that green! So rich and elegant.
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  3. What a creative post!!! I love the pictures!! They are so beautiful!! I am a sucker for white kitchens! That clean look is outrageous!!!

    Lots of love, Nicki G.

    • Diane says

      Awww thanks Nicki!!!
      Gotta love the clean look….wish we could just wave our magic wands and our spaces would stay that way! LOL
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!!!


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